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   Chapter 15 No.15

Black Sunrise By Christina Engela Characters: 5243

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Back at Wiles desk again, she had just put him in the picture about everything and her eyes scanned his bright red face, his wild eyes full of anger and his trembling lips working almost like a guppy's mouth. Meanwhile in the background, she heard his raised voice echoing "You can forget about that promotion! This agency doesn't need degenerate scum like you! I'm giving it to Miles Jenson! Get out of my sight!"

The words "Get out!" still echoing in her head, Mei awoke to a frantic hammering on a door. She stirred in the dark, half asleep, shook off the memory of the disorienting nightmare – and realized she was in her bed in her room at the resort.

She stumbled to the door and opened it. It was a member of the staff in a nightgown, his hair still in curlers.

"Sorry to worry you miss, " he lisped, flapping his hands. "The city's being attacked. Please don't panic – it's best if everyone gathers in the auditorium, we should be safer there."

"Attacked? By who?" She asked, somewhat perplexed.

"Please, miss. There's no time for that now." He said before flapping on to the next door.

She went back for her slippers and nightgown. Was she dreaming? No, she was pretty sure she was awake. She wanted to know what was going on. Okay, what was really going on. Everybody would be gathering in the auditorium. Where it 'should' be safer. Right then, to the auditorium.

* * *

Fred had an interesting walk. The fact that he could walk at all was disconcerting to any potential witnesses. That is, apart from the way he walked. If a plant could s

obates who worshipped demon gods of fire and pain and used blood and crushed bone as condiments. He knew the Ruminarii. All Arborians did. (A Ruminarii ship had landed on Arboria once and thought it uninhabited, much to their subsequent regret.) They were evil and heartless and cruel and some other very nasty pronouns he was too angry to think up right now. The Humans seemed to be defenseless, but on the other – er, branch, there only seemed to be one of the Ruminarii ships. He was up here. And Mei was down there, getting bombed – and not in a nice way either. He had to do something about it! He was going to!

* * *

At the spaceport, Mac Dugless's tracker showed the aggressor's progress over the city. Before too long, it was almost above the spaceport. It was quite a sight, one he decided he would tell his grandchildren about. He swallowed nervously. That is, if he ever got to have that privilege.

The hammerhead swooped in rather gracefully for such a large craft, black and glistening. It appeared to be descending slowly.

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