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   Chapter 14 No.14

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* * *

Before this life, this wonderful bright new life Cindy-Mei Winter was enjoying, she'd had another. No, this wasn't reincarnation exactly – but it was a life so different from this one that she had been far too unhappy to see it through to the end – that is, without some drastic changes. That said, it the two were so vastly different that the most apt way she could find to reconcile them was to think of them as two separate lives altogether.

In her dream, Mei wandered the halls of her former workplace – the Colonial Intelligence Agency building in Mars City. She remembered the décor exactly, the featureless gray-brown wall panels – and the feel of the rough blue carpet tiles on the floor under her high heeled shoes as she walked past the endless row of doorways leading to offices and rooms of open-plan cubicles. The hallway was deserted, and above the sound of her own breathing, she could hear the rising sound of people quietly at work in an office block turn into whispering and giggling – and then the sound of people – her co-workers – running, tripping over furniture and pushing it aside, in order to get to the doorways as she walked past. Faces jammed up against the window glass, the blinds bent and battered so they could watch the spectacle of her. They were laughing at her.

Ignoring the cat-calls and laughing and occasional cries of "Freak!" she walked on.

Then, as dreams often do, she found herself confronted by the spectacle of her mother – her own dear sweet mom, crying like she had o

"Suffering is good for the soul!" Father Jonas declared. "It tests our faith, it proves us worthy!"

"What kind of cruel, hateful, bombastic man are you? What kind of monster could do this to me and expect me to live with it? What did I ever do to deserve to be so unhappy?" Mei cried, her emotions rising to a crescendo. "What did I ever do to deserve to be so unhappy?"

Then, suddenly, Mei was on the streets of Mars City – just walking and feeling obvious. People passing by stared – and their stares burned into her. Then she found herself surrounded by a gang of yobs like the one she'd fought off on one occasion, pushing and shoving her – only this time, there was a big bruiser with them she'd never seen before – much bigger than the one whose ass she'd kicked. He leered over her, spitting in disgust – and then just as suddenly, he became an extra-large version of Mr. Wiles, chomping his frayed cigar stub, while ranting "I eat faggots like you for breakfast! What makes you think you're good enough?"

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