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   Chapter 12 No.12

Black Sunrise By Christina Engela Characters: 5052

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The second bomb interrupted a clandestine meeting of the Children of the Erratic Moon Society being held in a community center in downtown Atro City, ironically just as the Head Druid tapped his gavel on the iron skull on the lectern to call the meeting to order. Again, the Hammerhead changed direction, heading towards another end of the city, where it dropped another. Panic and confusion swept the populace, somewhat slowly as it was rather late and most people were sound asleep. Almost immediately, alarms were going off all over the city. Firefighters were dispatched, along with all other emergency services. People all over the city clogged the lines calling emergency services, which in turn queried the spaceport if the smaller moon, 'Ding' had fallen out of orbit again, or whether any ships had perhaps crashed recently – like say, in the last ten minutes or so.

A third bomb landed in the middle of Lupini Square, right smack in the center of a large fountain, making a loud bang and a large splash – but didn't go off. Oh well, just goes to show that you don't always get what you paid for – not even the Ruminarii.

The spaceport tracking station staff, rather puzzled, finally alerted, picked up the mysterious craft and worked to identify it. They tracked it – coming closer to their position, but whether to land or bomb them was unknown.

Within twenty minutes of the first bombing, a planetary distress signal was sent with 'urgent' stamped all over it. The Planetary Governor ordered all

. Smythe had the opinion that when you get past 60, you appreciate anything that makes life easier – or seem interesting.)

The General was a spry young man for his age, having retired only twenty years previously after a career spanning 36 years in the Starmarines. He'd been decorated with various – um, decorations, including the Silver Cluster (Gold) with bar and several other good attendance medals, which just meant he was at work most days without screwing up badly enough to get fired. He'd seen action in several incidents in the Empire's short history and had been an accomplished soldier in his time. He'd got the purple-heart thirteen times – which goes some way to explain why he got the nickname of 'Fucking Blaster Magnet' early on in his career from what was left of his platoon. All in all, he wasn't in bad shape for a man who'd spent most of his young life running around getting shot at and blown up. He was at least still breathing on his own and didn't need any prosthetic devices.

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