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   Chapter 11 No.11

Black Sunrise By Christina Engela Characters: 6828

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"What the – where the heck are you going?"

"For a walk." Said Fred disdainfully. The door hesitated with near disbelief before opening to let him pass. "Something I should've done a long time ago."

Johannsen took a gulp of air from the ghost of the glass in his hand, shook his head, rolled his eyes, and ordered another.

* * *

The chant was being shouted now, the shock troops – armed to the teeth, were already in a kill-frenzy. Marsh'k knew that if they didn't arrive soon, they would probably turn on each another – or even better, on him. He was sure the thousa – er, nine hundred and ninety nine warriors could handle the few thousand or so inhabitants, of Deanna, provided nobody did the inconceivable, like resisting – or resisting in any kind of organized fashion, say like with actual weapons.

For those who may be wondering, a Ruminarii hammerhead carried up to five hundred crew, give or take a few promotional losses. This doesn't count the thousand or so warriors that would form the landing force, like the equivalent of an old Navy Marine force on an ocean-going ship. Ruminarii warriors were ferocious, fierce, and of course, utterly cold-blooded killing machines.

The Human colony before them was sparsely populated, a few small towns scattered across the continents. There were no military ships within sensor range, and there was only one large settlement and it was the only one that had a spaceport. He looked at it on the main screen. It was logical to assume it was the capital. The Humans appeared to be completely unaware of the impending threat. Most of the colonists would be unarmed, not soldiers. Easy prey, the tactical officer informed him. It seemed like a bad place to start, so Marsh'k decided to take the ship down to the surface to drop a few bombs before making a landing at the spaceport to take possession of their new – er, possession.

There was some minor commotion on the bridge as the helmsman miscalculated during the maneuver, and collided with what seemed to be a huge chunk of ti

ould prove who was the stronger. He placed the chalice of bile brandy on the table, and rose on wings of thunder to take his place on the bridge.

The hammerhead, seemingly undetected, was quite a large ship to make reentry with, but hammerheads were known to be tough. Emerging from its cloak of flame and smoke in the lower reaches of the atmosphere, it singled out the obvious capital and headed toward it. Reaching the outskirts, it began its bombing run at a height of just 1000 feet. Overconfidence was a Ruminarii trait, but in this case they seemed justified, as there was no real military presence to speak of on Deanna – just a handful of part time 'dad's army' types who liked to go dynamite fishing and drinking out in Skegg's Valley on weekends – and well, it was safe to say the Gimp didn't know about them at all. As soon as the 'Black Sunrise' loosed its first bomb, the ship immediately changed course. The bomb fell with a hissing noise carefully tuned to sound like the chorus of the ritual Dance of the Annihilator. The oblong, finned projectile landed right in the middle of a dark street, bounced and went down a flight of stairs into a deserted subway station. A massive underground implosion caused a piece of real estate the size of two football fields, complete with a warehouse and an office block, to collapse into a shallow crater.

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