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   Chapter 9 No.9

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As a bounty hunter he benefited no end from the name though. Hell, a little poetic license didn't hurt. Neither did the publicity. Okay, he admitted, taking another gulp from the bottle, looking back, it was kind of funny, in a weird kind of way. His dad got mad at him for all sorts of funny reasons and little Gary always had to take off for a few hours till he cooled down. Yeah, he chuckled to himself. He did a lot of running when he was a kid. And hiding too, which is probably why he was so good at finding people who didn't want to be found. There was the time he emptied a box of shotgun shells into an old cold drink tin and buried it under a big rock in the garden and lit the fuse, just to see what would happen. The rock lifted half a foot off the ground – that was cool – but the blast knocked out all the windows on one side of the house, his dad cut himself shaving and his Gran fainted while doing yoga. It took a few days to get her straightened out again. Yeah, he smirked, a lot of running.

* * *

The tourist package deal at the Hawaiian-themed seaside resort on Deanna was not really expensive. Any average citizen earning at least minimum wage could manage to pay for it with just a little saving. It included the coach ride from the spaceport to the main resort, which overlooked the small harbor and a large expanse of beach.

Cindy-Mei was welcomed along with a group of Japanese tourists who kept taking pictures of everything. All it took was for one of them to point at something and then came a predictable barrage of blinding flashes followed by an incessant chorus of 'Ahs'. After a while, it became a little annoying.

it lasted longer than when he was sober. He didn't have a headache, but his eyes hurt. He sure was glad when he pulled up outside his camper. Home sweet home. It was a two-bedroomer model, one of the nicer mobile homes on Deanna – except the main motor was dis-fu-nk- um, dis fuh - fucked. So, pretty much it wasn't a mobile home anymore, exactly – but it sure was a nice place to stay. It was a bargain, bought it for a few hundred after he got stuck here a few years ago.

A press of the remote – once he found it – and the garage door opened. He drove up the ramp and turned the thing off. Clambering out the side, he could see Deanna's two little moons from the doorway, hanging up there – looking like they didn't exactly want to be there either. The night sky was a dark, dark blue. Ding was the smaller, only a hundred feet in dai… dai… hameter, but it was the brightes', consisting almost entirely of platinum. Dong, on the other hand looked like a small planet by comparison. S'right – it was that big. It was only a kilometer or so in diaia- big. Whatever. Time for bed, Beck you bastard.

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