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   Chapter 6 No.6

Black Sunrise By Christina Engela Characters: 5234

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Being in deep space for months at a time was true freedom. He didn't have to cover his tympana with his hands so he wouldn't hear his mother-in-law's incessant hissing. Unfortunately, the killing of a spouses' immediate family was forbidden – but irritating little brat cousins who went for your ankles with their walking rings were fair game, however. (He was still amused by the memory of a walking ring careening down a steep hill accompanied by brief terrified screams of delight.) In retrospect, whenever he sat and thought about it long enough, it was amazing that his species hadn't managed to extinct itself just through its own malicious nature. Aside from Ruminarri being pretty good at conquering and dominating other species, Ruminarri seemed to be actually better at killing other Ruminarri.

The tactical weapons officer, a young corporal-major suddenly slashed home and hit pay dirt. His opponent, a lance-captain in mid twirl, hissed, gurgled and crashed into the bulkhead while managing a final flourish. Satisfied with his new status, the new lance-captain took up the 'stance of victory' and bowed to Marsh'k, who raised a glass of bile brandy in acknowledgment of his new security officer and his new rank and status, and caught a glimmer of deep thought on the face of his Exec, who seemed to be watching the proceedings with considerable interest.

* * *

And so it was that Beck found himself on the way to the local Sheriff's office to collect his reward. Corrigan goes direct to the slam where he belongs to serve his three years, do not c

ary smiled back maddeningly, "You will die with that fantasy."

* * *

Cindy Mei Winter had packed all her belongings into her traveling trunk. She was sure she'd remembered everything. It's easy to forget what you brought with you when you last unpacked almost a month ago. She was careful not to accidentally pack anything she hadn't arrived with, like say a towel or a bar of soap. The pictures of her family and friends had been the hardest to put away. Especially the one of her mother. They were so close again, especially now that everything was over and she was living her new life. The scars were healing nicely and had almost disappeared. This little cruise was her gift to herself, her little way to sort her life out, figure out who she really was inside. Especially after everything that happened.

In a way, she was celebrating. She intended staying on Deanna for a few weeks, to have a nice time on the tropical paradise islands and then move on to somewhere else. She closed the lid and heard the click as it auto-locked.

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