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   Chapter 50 No.50

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Kilroy pulled with his arms and scrabbled against the side with his legs, and they began to slide again. Killing Kilroy wouldn't have stopped the pain, or released his grip on him now, but Blachart had to get rid of the weight somehow. In that split second, Adam knew what he had to do – it was life or death – and right now, he wanted to live! The weapon turned with horrible painful slow motion, the movement leaving a ghostly trail of freeze-frame images in his traumatized state. Time was running out! He didn't have words left for the monstrous visage of Kilroy – he just squeezed the trigger. A flash of bright red light flooded his vision. Strangely enough there was no more pain. Just a sudden jerk and a loss of weight and pressure. A most welcome numbness to everything flooded over him.

Adam noticed the almost comical look of surprise crawl over Kilroy's face as he began to drop away, the steel claw still firmly embedded in Adam's flesh. With one last effort, in which he invested all that remained of his determination, he aimed again and squeezed the trigger one last time. It wasn't the first time Adam had seen what an energy bolt could do to a Human face at close range, but he hoped it would be the last. It struck Kilroy full in the forehead with a loud smack sound, and seared through flesh and bone. The sudden boiling heat caused the brain-case to explode out the back in a steaming bloody welter as the bolt itself burned through everything and vanished into the darkness. The headless corpse dropped away into the black void, trailing droplets of gore and a scent of bloo

aken at all.

"Kilroy?" He croaked.

"We found his body. What was left of it. That shaft sure went a long way down! Had to pull it out with the transmatter."

"Why bother?"

"I didn't want us to get fined for littering. Anyway, we had to make sure it was him." Mykl joked as Dr. Payne popped her head around the corner of the ward door and smiled at them.

"He had what was left of your hand with him." She added, "Wasn't much I could work with."

"You… cloned me a new hand?"

"Don't go around giving any high-fives for the next two weeks or so." Payne jibed. "And no arm-wrestling for at least six weeks, ok?"

"Sure… Thanks…whatever." Adam smiled back weakly.

"Pleasure." The Dr. grinned before disappearing back round the same corner. "Call me if you need a hand."

It was good for Mykl to hear his name-changing friend actually raise a laugh – even if it was at such a corny old joke. In fact, Adam laughed so heartily, he started to cough. When the joke was done, they looked at each other a while, grinning and pondering recent events.

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