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   Chapter 45 No.45

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"Fires are all out." He reported. "Med teams are seeing to the wounded. Engines are back online Pity it's all over!"

That was the end of the call. Just then, the viewscreen lit up with a bright flash, reflected off the Mordrake's hull. That had come from behind them! The viewscreen was redirected.

"Shit!" Somebody exclaimed.

"It's the Indomitable!" Ensign Jacob reported. "She's gone up!"

Mykl shielded his eyes from the glare on the screen. It was the biggest explosion he'd seen in his life – at least, from this close up! If there'd been air in space, there would have been one hell of a roar – but as it was, Antares vibrated and creaked from the shock of the concussion, creating a momentary low droning noise. Both ships had to counter-thrust to prevent them from being pushed out of position. When it cleared, Indomitable had gone. A quick sensor sweep showed no other ships in the area except Mordrake, which was still some distance off behind them. Mykl and Adam exchanged glances. Was this the end of Sona Kilroy? Was it finally all over? Ripley checked the sensor logs. Analysis of the data gathered from the disaster revealed a massive internal explosion, which was to be honest, just stating the obvious.

"Wait a minute…" She said, "This looks interesting."

"What does?" Mykl asked her, resting his hand on hers.

"An energy surge. A transmatter energy signature…leading – Mykl! Almost twenty seconds before the ship exploded, somebody shifted to the surface." She gave Mykl a meaningful look. "The signature is only big enough for one person."

Mykl and Blachart

"You…?" Mykl uttered, realizing what was really going on. Blachart was going to head down to the surface alone, to find and take out Kilroy himself… and he knew that Blachart – or Adam, wasn't sure he was coming back. Mykl calmed himself down forcibly. Perhaps he could reason with the man better that way. "Now just wait one damn minute!"

"I'll go." Adam replied candidly. "I have a score to settle with him anyway – and we both know I'm the man for the job. Last time we went on a mission together you didn't make out too well." He winked.

Mykl knew he was referring to him getting seriously wounded and barely making it back to Antares alive. If not for Blachart, he wouldn't have made it, and the mission would have failed.

"But we could both go – two stand a better chance! Even with a few marines from the Alexander, we could – "

"Nice try." Blachart smiled, looking him in the eyes. "But you have a life, Mykl. Happiness, or a chance at it. You're a good man… A good man. You have someone who loves you, a reason to live, and to stay alive."

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