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   Chapter 44 No.44

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"That was awfully generous of her." Blachart winked at him in a semi-sarcastic fashion. Mykl just shrugged. It made sense to him anyway. A battleship like the Alexander could make short work of the Indomitable – far easier than the poor, tired, Antarse – and as soon as they were done blasting the bejesus out of the last Corsair raiders, he was going to see to the Mordrake and her crew! The two ships formed up beside one another and made for the group of remaining Corsairs. Indomitable started laying a spread pattern torpedo assault as they began to close. Torpedoes and countermeasures buzzed between the two forces like angry bees as the battle reached its zenith. It was a crescendo of explosions and destruction – a festival of death!

Within another half-hour the Antares dispatched the last of the smaller black ships – and a trail of flames marked its path as it fell away into the atmosphere of Endicor. Now the end of the battle approached – the two active Terran warships joined in hammering at the last survivor together, one on either side in a high orbit over the planet. Indomitable fought tooth and claw, and she was losing. Her shields failed. Her engines shut down. Damage mounted beyond the ability of the inept Corsair crew – who were unfamiliar with the intricate systems to begin with – to repair. The fresh black paint began peeling off in places from the heat of fires raging uncontrolled within. Bits of debris were drifting off and drifting in space, clearly visible against the backdrop of the bright world below. Yawning craters in the once pristine hull opened and revealed blazing infernos where torpedoes had holed her, looking like little blazing windows onto hell. Mortally wounded, the last Corsair resistance seemed – at last – to fade. The Indomitab

ry all their armament in a magazine like warships of old – but there were still quite a few here, on the belts that fed the launchers that fired from various parts of the ship. He could see about twenty here on the conveyor and above this complex, he knew, was Main Engineering... The star drive, reflex furnace, matter/anti-matter infusion plant, etcetera – all were close by. Perfect! He approached a torpedo, opened it and found the arming system. It took just a minute for the experienced to do what needed to be done. Then, satisfied, he picked up his sword, gave it an enthusiastic swing, growled – and left.

* * *

On the Antarse, Mykl and crew were recovering from the battle. The ship was still at full alert, but the firing had ceased. The battle appeared to be over. Commodore Bayne had informed them of her boarding operation. So far it seemed all was going well. For all intents and purposes it was all over.

Mykl turned their attention onto the Mordrake. The ship was far from dead as it turned out, made apparent when Joe Lofflin greeted him tersely from the main viewer. He was marked with soot and his hair looked funkier than usual, but he seemed quite functional.

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