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   Chapter 43 No.43

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At the order, three slam-torpedoes streaked towards the target. All struck home in short succession. Small explosions on the surface of the hull erupted into large fireballs, till in mere seconds, the corsair was a blazing inferno.

"Next target!" Mykl ordered, watching the remaining Corsair ships frantically trying to come about and engage them. "Mines! Hurry – before they recover!"

They dropped another stick of mines as they maneuvered round to the next closest black ship, locked on, and fired the next salvo with the same outcome. The other ships that had turned to pursue them flew into the mines they'd left in their wake.

For a few minutes, the combatants paused, drew breath, and took stock… the sky was littered with the debris of destroyed Corsair ships, and still crowded with the remainder of Kilroy's new Black Fleet. On Antares, Mykl hurriedly counted perhaps fifty Corsair ships still in action, with Indomitable sitting on the sidelines, running the campaign. A fair distance away, the Mordrake, drifted – repairs frantically underway.

Sona Kilroy – 'the Hammer' – was still far from beaten. He'd been using his other ships as a screen to keep the warships away from Indomitable, but right now he realized he seemed to be running out of screen. It was time to finish this. He rallied his fleet now, and ordered them to surround the remaining warship, firing from all sides. He knew he could still win and he intended to deliver the killing blow himself, from the bridge of the Indomitable.

The only advantages left to Mykl was the superior armament and speed of the Antares against what remained of the Corsair fleet. He glanced at Ripley, bus

ing chunks off them as they scattered and tried to run. While the remaining handful of Corsair raiders attempted to regroup with Indomitable, the larger Imperial ship circled round and opened a coms link to Antares.

"Ten forward torpedo launchers, six stern launchers, ten high yield ion canon – and regenerative shielding!" Ensign Samantha Kneal read aloud enviously from her sensor analysis of the Alexander, "Man, I have got to get myself one of those!"

"Don't worry, baby." Marna Accelera crooned, stroking the helm console lovingly. "She didn't mean that!"

"Captain d'Angelo!" The captain of the Alexander greeted from the main screen. "Commodore Bayne, ISS Alexander. Need a hand?"

Mykl swallowed. Not that he hadn't expected a battleship of the line to be commanded by a woman, just that he hadn't anticipated that she would be a pretty blonde in her late forties.

"Commodore." He greeted. "We could use a little help, actually!"

"We'll take Indomitable." She nodded. "You can have the rest!"

As the tactical display returned to the viewscreen, Mykl returned his attention to the task at hand.

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