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   Chapter 41 No.41

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"The day is young." Adam smiled, before gesturing at the Corsair. "Captain d'Angelo – meet Martel the Mighty, Patron of Meradinis and – er, probably High King and Royal Poobah of Endicor."

Martel, red-faced, deflated, quivering mad and teary eyed, glared at him – and if anything, growled just like a Chihuahua.

"Sweet!" Mykl grinned. "Quite a catch! Guards, off to the cell bays with him please!"

"My pleasure, sir!" An entech specialist grinned, pointing at the exit with his blaster. "This way, you!"

As they watched Martel the Mighty being frog-marched down the corridor by two enthusiastic stand-in security marines in entech uniforms, Mykl looked at Adam and Brenton, impressed.

"I wish I'd sent you with some portacams." He grinned. "So I could see what the hell you got up to down there."

"It was awesome, sir!" Brenton bubbled, like a kid who'd just been on a school tour to a toy factory. "Mr. Blachart was just waka-waka with the sword – and then pew, pew, pew with his gun – and then I shot this guy with a Brackmeister 440 – those things are bleeping awesome! And then…"

"Yes, well, " Mykl interrupted. "I look forward to reading your report, Ensign."

"Yes, sir – I look forward to writing it, sir!" Brenton beamed. "See you later, sir." He greeted his new idol, who was surprised to receive a fist-bump from him.

"Are we good?" Adam asked Mykl as Brenton cheerfully shuffled off. "The ships in orbit haven't spotted your ships yet?"

"Yes." Mykl replied. "All good – no, luckily we were in transmatter range. They didn't see a thing – other than your fireworks display."

"They must be wonderin

the sound from below decks of the torpedo bays launching slam-torpedoes, the mainstay weapon of the Imperial Space Fleet. Ka-chunka-chunka-chunka they went. Little streaks of light marked their passage through the darkness as the guided missiles sought their targets. In the old days, now just a few months ago, Corsair ships could have fired counter-measures and torpedoes of their own, but not anymore. These weren't quite the same ships, they were less potent than the fearful Corsair raiders of old. They didn't even have defensive shields – all but one, the Indomitable. The torpedoes struck home against the other ships, exploding brilliantly, sowing chaos and destruction among the enemy. Unprotected, all it took was one hit to strike a crippling blow, two to utterly destroy a Corsair raider. But there were a lot of them in the sky now, more arrived as if called by Kilroy. Most of these ships had industrial strength cutting lasers, while some had torpedo launchers. Still others had crude improvised magnetic rail-guns that fired iron meteors back at them like crude missiles.

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