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   Chapter 40 No.40

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Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

The little pod of chaos soared off into the Endicoran sky, through the energy screen, and then began to turn away to the east, climbing steeply under the power of its anti-grav thrusters. As soon as the g-forces fell away, Brenton and their passenger slowly regained the ability to move, realized it – and continued their wrestling match. Yes, Blachart could have shot him – or jabbed him with the sword a couple of times, but he thought it was kind of amusing – and anyway, that Corsair looked very familiar. Gaunt, early 50's perhaps, longish greying black hair, balding at the front and middle…his thoughts were again interrupted by the bright flash and distant roar of an explosion, and this again in turn caused a brief pause in the scuffle. The three of them all paused to watch it happening through the small round windows in the sides.

The explosion burst through the dome, which vanished altogether in what looked like a rising mushroom of fire. Giant trees around the edges toppled inwards and vanished in flame. The roar and rumble of it penetrated even the pod at altitude! Adam shook his head in amusement as he noted the other two seemed to be too spellbound by the sight of it to fight, holding each other in what could otherwise have been a romantic lover's clinch. Brenton let go of the man and silently moved over to get a seat of his own, forgetting to fix his mussed-up hair, which was standing up in all directions at once. Adam used the brief peace to take out his comlink to send a text to Antares, which said: "3 in lifepod, heading for Endicor orbit. Need a ride ASAP."

tingle of Antares transmatter.

Adam rematerialized in the standing position on the transmatter jump platform aboard the Antares – which was rather weird, because for a moment it felt like he was standing and sitting at the exact same time. His Luger was also back in its holster. He saw Brenton standing beside him, displaying the exact same puzzled expression on his face – and their unexpected companion had appeared beside him, looking distinctly torn between emotions of rage and fear. Mykl was there to meet them, along with a couple of crewmen holding blasters on their captive – whom Mykl had co-opted on the way, stuck the weapons in their hands, and said 'you and you, you're security marines, let's go!'

"Glad to have you back!" Mykl greeted Blachart and Brenton.

"Thanks, Captain!" Brenton beamed, prompting Mykl to resist an urge to ask the Ensign if he had a good time. Evidently he had – half the plain on Endicor was on fire.

"Looks like we missed the party!" He remarked to Blachart. "There's nothing left for us to shoot at, as usual."

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