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   Chapter 36 No.36

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A musician struck up a cheerful melody on a banjo, and moments later some of the regulars recognized it and cheered, raising their tankards of brew. Apparently they were in for a rousting good time. Blachart listened in silence, watching the raised tankards swaying with the beat of the melody being strummed on the banjo. It was an unfamiliar tune – and he knew most of the popular traditional Corsair melodies and bar songs by heart. This was a new one for him. As soon as the man began to sing, the rest of the assembly joined in.

"Oh, the mighty Terrans set their eyes

On Meradinis's beauty and riches…

And she became the prize

Of the Earthan sons o' bitches!

A fleet of destruction Terrans brought, The end'f our world they wrought, At the end of our road they demand'd

'Lay down your arms! Give up your bread!

Surrender now or be left for dead!'"

The banjo's beat changed for the chorus. Brenton looked nervous and angry all at once. A mite twitchy, he thought. Blachart sent him a reassuring smile, shouting above the din "It's just a song, mate – not worth getting in a fluster about! Chill!"

Brenton nodded vigorously, and took a slug of ale as the crowd jumped into the chorus. Adam felt a tingle run up his spine.

"Blachart the Bloody they called him, Blachart the Red.

First a loyal son an' brother

A Corsair Cap'n like no other…

Blachart the Bloody they called him, Blachart the Red.

A bringer of sorrows, traitor to all, A bringer

dn't miss an elephant in an alleyway, if that's what you mean." He grinned.

"Oh gods, I should hope not!" Adam sighed.

"How about you?" Brenton smiled, pointing casually with a finger of his hand that held the tankard. "I know you're a crack shot – but the blade – you any good with that, or is it just for show?"

"Good enough to wear one, kid." Adam replied dismissively. He knew by now what course of action he should take. He was supposed to scout around and then head back up to Antares. As far as he was concerned, he'd already done that. However, returning to Antares would mean stealing a ship, which risked raising the alarm, which meant Martel or Kilroy might have early warning and chance to escape again before Antares and Mordrake could begin their attack. His best course of action would be to disable that field and do what damage he could on the surface before making an attempt to get off Endicor – and that meant sabotaging the black ship at the center of town.

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