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   Chapter 30 No.30

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"That's it. If I were looking for a likely place in this part of space to set up a new base, then that would be the place."

"Okay, Ensign Accelera." Mykl called. "Take us to Endicor – but slow and cautious, like. Keep us off their sensors…. Nordyke, relay update to Mordrake."

Mykl's lips were set firm, a look of determination in his eyes. It was time to figure out the next phase of their so-called plan.

"Briefing in ten minutes." He said, and gave meaningful glances to Ripley and Blachart.

* * *

Endicor, as it turned out, looked like a rather pretty world, covered in forests and small shallow seas. The innermost moon in orbit around the giant third planet of the system, Endicor's life-reading was off the scale! Small animals, insects, fish and avians called it home. After a series of scans it was determined that the Corsair presence in the system seemed to be limited to the planet itself. There was no sign of any sophisticated patrol system or sensor-net like the one that had secured Meradinis from prying Terran eyes. Human life on Endicor – what there was of it – appeared to be all concentrated in one place, an area roughly ten square kilometers in size… big enough to house a small town, and shielded by an energy screen of some kind.

Antares and the Mordrake stealthily remained out of Indomitable's sensor range, and took up positions at the next two moons out from Endicor, Antares picking the closest. From there, each hiding behind one of the nine outermost moons, the Terran ships spotted four typical Corsair raiders maintaining an equidistant orbit around the moon, acting as sentries. Indomitable held its own orbit over Endicor as well, and according to sens

'you think they're going?" Mykl asked Blachart.

"Probably to look for more reinforcements?" Adam shrugged.

The Indomitable exited the system alone, heading out the opposite direction to the one they'd arrived by. Within minutes, they went to warp, leaving the stage set for Mordrake and the Antares to make their move. The timing looked perfect.

A short while later, Blachart, a.k.a. Adam, stood on the gray metallic grid of the hangar deck of the Antares, appreciating the lines of a small, somewhat ordinary-looking shuttle that was being prepared for launch. Part of the preparation involved several entechs crawling all over and under it, some with tins of paint and paint brushes, feverishly painting it black to make it look like a Corsair vessel. Most of this was already almost done, though he wouldn't care to commit himself to any serious quality-rating of their workmanship. One of the entechs had black paint-smears all over his hands and face, and splatters on the front of his cover-all. Two others were busy wrapping up the fitment of two ion-cannon assemblies under the stubby fins on either side of the hull.

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