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   Chapter 29 No.29

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"Okay." Adam nodded in his best professional manner.

"So what's he up to?"

Adam leaned in closer to deliver his advice.

"Kilroy will be thinking he's scared you off – letting him gain some distance was a good move on that part. Perhaps he may think his ship has the edge on yours for speed – and it might well have. And then, contrary to his expectations, you turn up where and when he doesn't expect you."

Mykl nodded, showing Adam the star-chart on his console display. "Any idea where he's going to now?"

"A few." Adam gave a little smile. "But I'm willing to bet every cent you're not paying me, that as soon as he thinks he's lost us, he'll change course – and then my friend, you will get his heading."

"That sounds workable." Mykl nodded. "But how could we get him to think he's lost us?"

"Luckily you have an advantage."

"Oh? What would that be?"

"Me." Adam said, and briefly grinned. "Kilroy doesn't know I'm here."


"Do we have any distinct advantages over that ship?" Adam asked. "Aside from there being one of him and two of us?"

"We can see how well that worked out for us so far." Mykl sighed sarcastically. "Indomitable is a little smaller than we are, a little older… Similar firepower and equipment. A lot of older tech."

Adam nodded. "How's her sensor range?"

Mykl had a little aha moment. "It'll be slightly shorter than ours!" He smiled. "Not much, but enough to give us a slight advantage if I'm thinking what you're thinking!"

"Great." Adam said, giving Mykl a thin smile. "So you ca


Mykl looked at the display screen on her console. Adam craned his neck to see over Mykl's arm. It showed a schematic of a star system on the heading Kilroy had taken. It looked like a red dwarf star, with only 3 planets in orbit, and a large body similar in size to Neptune right on the outer edge of the habitable zone. The large green-yellow planet had nine small moons, the largest of which was slightly bigger than Mars. The database said it was green, forested, and had a breathable atmosphere – but had no information about animal life, or anything else about it for that matter.

"Is this the only system on that heading?" Mykl asked her.

She nodded. "The only one in the database on or close to that path in this part of space."

Mykl looked at Adam, who appeared to have recognized it right away. It had been right at the top of the list of the three likely destinations he'd made mentally before Kilroy had changed course…and for good reason, he felt – the others were just too unpleasant to contemplate.

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