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   Chapter 27 No.27

Dead Beckoning By Christina Engela Characters: 5665

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Disappointed, the team of marines started making their way back towards the exit and yes, Maguire still thought something was wrong with the whole scenario. It didn't smell right – not at all. As he passed by the wrecked service vehicle lying crushed under the weight of the pile of broken crates and chunks of earth and broken concrete, he paused to look inside the cab through the broken side glass. Something was looking back at him, with dark eyeless sockets. Through bits of peeling and parchment-like skin, it grinned at him humorlessly. He didn't see the joke, and personally, he didn't like looking up close at old corpses. Fresh ones weren't all that bad – at least they still looked Human… Then he looked down, and noticed a very faint glow, partly hidden by the torn bits of rotted cloth around the skeleton. It was new and clean, left recently. He reached in carefully.

"Hey, hold up a second." He called. The rest of the team halted, looking round at him, curious. It was a device, warm with power. Charged with the shock of recognition, he pulled his hand back a bit quickly, dislodging the decayed skull from its vertebrae. It tilted forward with a dry grating noise, snapped free and fell, rolling across his arm and rotating in slow motion to the ancient dust carpeted concrete floor. It struck the hard surface and shattered into little grey shards of dancing death – while on a small display, bright little red digits flashed by into eternity…

"Fuck!" Maguire muttered. It wasn't a very nice epitaph.

Mykl and the rest of the bridge crew saw the explosion on Antares. Tons of liquid chemical fuel and stock-piled munitions made quite a bang. If there had been a town calle

oss the shield wall, before fading out.

Distraught as she was, Marna Accelera stuck to her post at the helm, gritting her teeth as she held back her tears.

"Comms!" Mykl told her, "Relay our position and heading to 'Command right away, and send updates to Mordrake!"

Indomitable, the Corsair flagship, fled her two pursuers – the Antares and the Mordrake – and at warp speed, headed deeper into the unknown parts of the Omegan Quadrant. Indomitable was running at full speed, with both Imperial ships hot in pursuit. Their blood was up, as Kilroy anticipated. Kilroy may have led this dance, but he also knew he daren't miss a step now or it might be his last! His frightful cackle echoed on the bridge of his ship, giving even his hardened crew gooseflesh and a case of the crawls.

Celebrating the success of his cunning plan, Sona Kilroy congratulated himself for having given the Terrans a bloody nose back on that planet. He knew they were angry now, especially their commander – but he also knew they would be more cautious after that – and if not, then he was dealing with a fool and so much the better for him!

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