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   Chapter 25 No.25

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"We got 'em, Antares – they're in orbit around the second planet!"

"Yes, I see them!" Ripley chimed in, pointing at her console display so Mykl could see it. The Indomitable was indeed in geostationary orbit around Yalta 2, just sitting there on the screen, not giving any sign of movement. A field of white razor-edged high-altitude clouds covering the sphere of the planet formed a backdrop to the proud captured Terran ship. She'd had a color change since her capture – her hull had shed her pristine Imperial light gray color scheme and taken on the black matt space camouflage of the Corsairs. The Indomitable looked like a negative of herself.

"But do they see us?" Mykl mused. Were they even looking? Had they caught the enemy by surprise? "Helm, throttle back. Make for that small moon around Yalta 2, and set to station-keeping behind it."

"Mordrake is moving to the far side of Yalta 3, Captain." Nordyke reported. "They say they will move to intercept if the Indomitable attempts to run."

"Ask them to hold their position when they get there." He asked, thinking. "Let's see what they're up to. Ripley, any sign of an active base down there?"

"None." She reported. "No animal life on the surface at all, at least, nothing larger than small insects. Energy readout is virtually zero. There's an underground construction, but it's filled with

least, hypothetically.

"Let's drop in and say hello." Said Mykl cheerfully. "Hmm? Catch him with his grubby hands in his piggy bank?"

* * *

The derelict base on Yalta 2 was quiet – and as they say in the old movies, too quiet. As Antares and Mordrake's crews watched, several of the Indomitable's Corsair crew had just shifted down to the surface, using the transmatter, and had entered the deserted underground installation for reasons unknown. What were they doing down there?

In orbit, the captured Indomitable was carefully being watched by the Antares which was in orbit of a small moon on the other side of the planet, and by the Mordrake, which was obscured by the mass of Yalta 3, the next neighboring planet. Joe Lofflin on the Mordrake had taken on the task of lying in wait, in case Kilroy decided to make a run for it. Mykl doubted Kilroy had that in mind just at the present moment.

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