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   Chapter 22 No.22

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He made no comment. He knew life was tough for girls like her. Marsha had had a rough ride through life and out here in the badlands, transsexuals sometimes ran the gauntlet of rough men with tough knuckles and even tougher hearts.

"Even a guy who isn't really good, not exactly the worst, and who might love you? Despite everything?" He countered. "And who would never hurt you?"

She rose from the chair tiredly, and hesitated for a moment before approaching him. Then she went up close to him and they embraced.

"Even a guy whose name I don't know." She said. "Why were they after you? Are you ever going to tell me who you are? What you might have done?"

"I hope not." He smiled into her eyes. "Or you might just run away and never look back."

"I'm still here, aren't I?" She smiled back at him. "How much worse than two dead guys in my bar could it get?"

Adam wiped the residue of the tears from her eyes tenderly with his fingers. He didn't want to answer that question. There was a line of dead people behind him stretching back fifty or more light years. It wasn't exactly single file either.

"Marsha, I have to go away for a little while." He said instead. "A few weeks, not too long – but I'll be back."

"Really?" She asked him, looking away. "Or is this just a way to let me down easy?"

"No." He said. "If I didn't want to get involved with you, I would just say so."

Her eyes flickered back onto his.

"Will you really come back?"

He nodded.

"Yes." He said, and hop

ously not too happy about seeing him again. "I see you found him."

"Hi, love." Mykl replied, returning the warm hug. "Yeah, you know me – I always get my man." Ignoring Mykl's little dig, Ripley straightened up and forced a smile.

"Welcome back." She greeted him tersely.

Adam smiled a polite "Thanks" in reply, not putting terribly much effort into it. Mykl headed for the bridge while she led him to his assigned quarters, a small single officer's room. It wasn't too bad, considering his first accommodations on this ship a few months ago had been a cell in its brig. He thought it likely that if it were up to Ripley, he might have been moved back into the same cell – or perhaps even, tricked into walking out an open airlock without so much as a whoopsie-daisy. The room looked comfortable enough and quite homey, so Adam decided to make the best of it and to set about settling in. Satisfied that he was satisfied with his room, Ripley excused herself and shuffled off as soon as she could.

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