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   Chapter 21 No.21

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"Leave her out of this." Adam said coldly. Getting her dragged into his affairs was what cautioned him about getting involved with other people in the first place. Anyway, it was nobody's business about Marsha.

"I will, you know that." Mykl said in a level tone. "But as your friend I have to warn you that if she gets in the way of Kilroy's men next time – they won't. You know that."

Blachart – Adam, his friend with no other real name, nodded. He knew Mykl was right about this.

"What do you want me to do?" He asked. "That's obviously why you're here. Isn't it? You want me to do something about it?"

"Come with me." Mykl urged, making a fist. "Help me track that bastard down and nail his ass! Let's put an end to the Corsair menace once and for all!"

"Or else?" Blachart asked candidly, looking him in the eye. "You'll cancel my pardon?"

"Do I look like a Senator to you?" Mykl said plainly "Anyway, they don't even know I've come to talk to you. No conditions. I'm just asking you for your help."

"A favor, eh?" Adam said, giving a faint smile. "You know what they say about favors."

"That they're often expensive, and usually don't get repaid?" Mykl replied, not without consideration. "But they do get appreciated… sometimes reciprocated. It's a chance to redeem yourself – and I know how badly you want to redeem yourself."

"You know?" Blachart snapped. "What do you know about it?"

Mykl stood, and gave Adam a shrug.

"Think about it?" He appealed again.

Adam nodded, giving the proposal some deep thought. There was much on his mind lately. His new sta

he killed them, but he didn't mean it? He had killed them, hadn't he? And he had meant it. And he did think about it. They were cold heartless bastards and they deserved exactly what had come to them.

"They'd already made up their minds they were going to kill me." Adam said at last. "Maybe even you as well. What was there to think about?"

She looked tired – too tired to argue, and not too keen on talking.

"I'm sorry, baby." She smiled at him wearily. "I was just wondering what kind of man I was getting into."

"Just a man." He said candidly. "Just another guy."

"No." She said, rising. "Not just another guy. Ordinary guys treat me like a second class woman or curse me, call me 'faggot' and beat me up when they get loaded. Or they use me to try on being gay like it's some new kind of tool to figure out who they really are – or to buy them things before they have their fill and move on! But I guess a girl like me has to be glad for any kind of guy who wants her – even guys who would shit themselves if they saw a man like you coming!"

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