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   Chapter 20 No.20

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"I'm not sure that's the last name I would choose." Adam replied, glancing round, taking in the ambience of the little corner café, the plank boardwalk and dirt road that ran through the small, quiet little town. The roar of a ship leaving the spaceport shook the air in the distance. "It's a start." He breathed, preoccupied. "A clean start."

"You're in the wrong place for that, my friend." Mykl said. "You should've picked a civilized world. Like Andronicus or Tegra – or Earth, even. Places it's easier to disappear into, places that aren't over-regulated. You know – places where Corsairs don't go much, so you wouldn't be found."

"Civilized?" Adam said, raising an eyebrow at him mockingly. "Anyway, I prefer to see my enemies before they see me – out here they stick out because they don't bother to change their colors. On Andronicus, they wouldn't get far dressed like that – and not on Earth either unless they pretended to be Goths or Morosi – which I sincerely doubt. Anyway, they'd be allergic to nail varnish and cosmetics, most of them. Not to mention incapable of picking out an actual hairstyle. Out here there's no need to deviate, no reason to improvise. They lack imagination, refinement. I don't plan on getting rubbed out by an enterprising assassin in a pink t-shirt, jeans and a pair of slops."

"Speaking of changing habits, " Mykl grinned, pointing. "You're still wearing your usual ensemble."

Adam threw up his hands in mock exasperation. "These are all new!" He pro

mean anything to you?"

Of course it did. The words stung Adam. It meant more to him than the Space Fleet officer – who was his friend, and probably his only friend – could ever know. But he desperately wanted to put all that darkness behind him and move on.

"Did I mention I'm retired?" Adam retorted. "Yes, I'm pretty sure I did."

"Fair enough." Mykl said, and changed tack. "You know he's the one who put the price on your head, don't you?"

"And I thought those two nice men in the bar just wanted my autograph." Adam quipped. "Anyway, Karma has his number – let her sort him out."

Mykl changed tack again.

"I heard you found a girl here – I was quite surprised, to be honest." Mykl observed, noticing that this had a barely noticeable effect on Blachart. He didn't exactly stiffen or inhale sharply, but something changed. "Funny, I thought you were batting for the other team." He continued. "Interesting thing is, the Sheriff said she is on the other team anyway. Apparently."

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