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   Chapter 15 No.15

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"Are we going over there?" She asked him in a low tone. Mykl shook his head.

"Core Command'll send someone along to retrieve the bodies and clean up. We're here for other reasons."

It was still of interest to Mykl who had reported seeing Indomitable at the scene.

"Still no traffic?" He asked, rising.

"None. No contacts or energy sources in range."

He nodded his thanks.

"Lt. Nordyke, signal Mordrake commander we are ready to receive them for a briefing session."

"Yes, sir."

"Then have the galley send some snacks, coffee, tea, fruit juice etc. to the conference room." Mykl instructed. "Ensign Linson, keep your weapons console clear – and keep a look-out for any sign of trouble!"

Mykl left the bridge to a chorus of "Aye Captain's."

* * *

Just half an hour later, the eagerly awaited Captain Lofflin and his Exo, arrived on the Antarse. Lt. Hanson, Mykl's chief of security, guided Lofflin and Commander Carlson to the uppermost deck, and to the conference room, which was situated beside the bridge. Mykl welcomed them, dismissed Hanson, and introduced his Ripley as his Exo. Then Mykl invited his guests to help themselves to mugs of steaming hot coffee or tea from the tray on the little counter against one side of the kidney-shaped room. A selection of snacks, in the form of peanuts and raisins, filled a few small bowls on the same counter. The introductions and pleasantries dispensed with, the meeting began.

Data was displayed on tablets and displays around the con

an, Sona Kilroy – and if he took one of our ships, then he's a very dangerous man indeed! I think he knows the Indomitable's vulnerabilities – and ours – which means he knows he can't risk a head-on engagement. Not yet anyway."

Mykl caught Joe Lofflin's smile. Lofflin gestured at his exec with a casual thumb and grinned at him conspiratorially.

"Top of his class in strategic analysis, our Mr. Carlson!"

"So Kilroy doesn't stand much of a chance then!" Mykl jibed. A brief round of chuckling caused the young man to fall silent, flushed with embarrassment.

"Well, we have to find him first." Lofflin smiled back. "That's the problem."

"This is how I see it." Said Ripley, indicating the map. "From what I can tell, Kilroy took the Indomitable somewhere around here and – from the intel reports – has toured this area, picking up stragglers and other suspicious characters along the way, being sighted by commercial ships here, here, and by a passing deep space probe here at Alpha Epsilon."

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