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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

The terrifying crack sound still ringing in his ears, Adam rolled the ugly one over with a foot. The stunned man still stared at him in anger, while he placed a foot firmly on his throat and with deliberate slowness crushed it.

Perhaps a minute had passed since the men had confronted him, but it had been enough for the patrons to scatter and run for safety. Safety? He grimaced. Where could he run to? Where would he ever be safe?

He'd always known he wasn't safe, and it seemed that even his new legitimate and law-abiding life was now to be a more perilous one, with the obstacles presented by being on everyone's hit-list now added to staying out of sight. It was a wake-up call – it was time to disappear again. Maybe.

Marsha had made a run for it too. Damn. He couldn't blame her, but still, he hoped she hadn't seen it all – and hoped he would see her again. The moment spoiled for him, the man once known as Blachart turned away from the grim reminder of his past, the last frantic gasps of the convulsing dying man still ringing in his ears like a looping, haunting melody. He dropped a coin on the counter and reluctantly walked out into the small, quiet spaceport terminal beyond, leaving the bar empty.

* * *

Whatever passed for 'normal' on a starship, it usually centered around the drudgery of military life in


"Wasn't he in charge of the Corsair fleet? An admiral or something?"

Lirtman ignored the crack about the 'admiral or something', and thoughtfully made a pyramid with his fingers as he leaned forward over his desk.

"Three months ago, when we took Meradinis and defeated the Black Fleet, quite a few Corsairs tried to escape the planet. Many of them were cut off and caught by our blockade, but a few got away. None of them have been heard of since – except for Sona Kilroy. His flagship broke through the blockade, and he was one of the big fish that got away."

"Yes, sir – I remember that. Didn't one of our ships go after him?"

"Yes, one of our ships did go after him." Lirtman nodded. "The Indomitable… but we never heard from either ship again – and for some time now, we just assumed the Indomitable was lost while pursuing him, and that both ships had been destroyed."

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