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   Chapter 34 No.34

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"What church do cats go to?"

"Um." Said Ramsley, perplexed. What a question. He wasn't really good with children. He was better at them. And animals? He liked them, preferably deep-fried and crispy. Thinking of the specimen that just went by, it probably spent its nights dancing around an improvised downward-pointing pentagram drawn in a sandbox.

"Well, I think mostly all cats are Catlick. But I suppose some of them could be er… Anglicats?"


"Then there are the Pres-bi-terri-cats and – um, the Coolcats who don't go to church at all…"


"I don't know. I suppose they're just too cool. Perhaps when they get older, maybe when they're down to their last life they catch religion."

"Oh." Said Josh, nodding seriously. "You mean like people? When they get sick?"

"Yes." Ramsley smiled back. "Exactly like people."

* * *

Sitting behind her desk in the quiet morning solitude of her office, Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller started her day (again) nursing her hangover over a cup of coffee. After a few very confusing and painful days, it was good to start over on a considerably more sane note. 'Well okay, ' she reconsidered, 'more sane than usual.'

Things were more-or-less back to normal. More-or-less. (She lived on Deanna after all.) Gary Beck had somehow managed (for whatever his reasons) to fake his own death (using holograms, apparently) and despite how angry she was at him for letting her and the whole world think he was dead, it just confirmed all their opinions of him as the best boun

t a trace before her Deputies arrived to investigate. Apparently Mr. Farrow's Personal Assistant had fainted and was gibbering like an idiot when they arrived – and the Janitor had gone completely postal. Very, very mysterious. All the staff were adamant nobody had moved it, and it was a generally accepted fact that it didn't just walk off by itself. At least, nobody actually insisted that it had. The things people will steal these days. (Tsk, tsk.)

The morgue at San Fedora Public Health Clinic reported a missing body. Apparently all signs of it ever having been there had vanished under mysterious circumstances. Peg knew at least, that the body in question was presently in the possession of one Cindy-Mei Winter, and it was very much alive. So no worries, then. Hmm. Another case solved. Not bad for a Wednesday morning over (ugh) black coffee – and with a hangover too. It looked like drama all round. Except for Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller, who was thinking it was starting to look like a very nice day after all.


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