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   Chapter 32 No.32

Dead Man’s Hammer By Christina Engela Characters: 5399

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

There was the issue of the Grauffis land, for instance, where some of his best mine men had disappeared and turned up slightly dead and crispy in their burned-out SUV at the bottom of Beggars' Canyon some months previously. He wanted that land. Conventional mining was time consuming and therefore costly. Strip mining was far quicker and more profitable. But that bitch just wouldn't sell! Damn her and her principles! Damn her sentiment! As soon as Smith had finished with those other thorns in his side who were preventing him from dealing with Ms. Grauffis, he was going to – a movement in the mirror caught his eye.

There was something else, something unfamiliar. He would have to speak to the janitor about just rearranging his office plants without first consulting him – perhaps suggest that he find alternate employment. There was a rather big one behind him and it was far out of sync with the harmony of the rest of the plants in the corner behind him. It was totally un-Sheng Fui. And anyway, it was a rather unpleasant looking pla – acck! He gagged as the plant suddenly reached out with a vine and wrapped it around his neck from behind. It was moving! Attacking him! It turned him around, slowly, chair and all to face him. 'That does it!' He thought furiously, he was going to fire his new chief of security! As soon as he – urrggh -!

Other vines reached out and grabbed his struggling arms and feet, pinning him down, immobilizing him. He writhed in his seat of power, completely helpless. His eyes opened wide with terror as the thing leered close over him, some of the branches and leaves scrapi

first – and despite his being rescued by Scrooby and the TSA, he still had some pretty unpleasant memories about the whole thing. It was poetic justice. On reflection, Gary had no qualms about killing the assassin – she wouldn't have quit trying to kill Mei otherwise. Besides, his thumb was getting tired from holding back the hammer.

Suddenly, Mei awoke, her eyes searching wildly till they found him. She reached out for him and he took her hand in his.

"It's okay, " He told her. "I'm right here, love. I'm not going anywhere."

"Come lie here with me." She asked, almost as if she was afraid he was going to disappear into thin air and prove that he was just a dream after all. He climbed in under the duvet beside her. He settled in, holding her. She held onto his arms with a grip that suggested he wasn't getting away in a hurry.

"I don't want you to leave me." She said, still half asleep. "Don't you ever leave me again."

"I'm not going anywhere, love." He reassured her, seeing this was going to take a long time for her to get over. "I'm right here."

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