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   Chapter 31 No.31

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"Out celebrating?" He asked, noting her disheveled appearance. He could smell her too, for that matter. The pills didn't help for that.

"Well, you were supposed to be dead, Gary. I was hurting." Said Peg, realizing she was almost whining. "You owe me for thinking you were dead! I just can't wait to hear your explanation for all this. Holograms my ass!"

"Yuh." He agreed, taking a tight ninety degree turn at speed. "Me too."

* * *

The strange 'pop' sound still ringing in her ears, Mary-Jo Sanders blinked in the dark of the apartment she shared with two other girls from ACU. The lights were out and for a long second she was wondering what the hell had just happened. Somehow she had ended up standing in the center of the lounge. Somehow she had skipped through the trip up the stairs and opening the door, which is what usually happened first…

How did she get here? And why was the place decorated with bright yellow tape that read "POLICE LINE – DO NOT CROSS"? What happened to Danielle? The two of them had just turned the corner into Hassleblatt Road when… Danielle staggered and… Anyway, how did she end up here? And where was Danny? She turned on the lights, shaken. She couldn't remember what happened! Shocked at the state of the lounge, she went to her room. More yellow tape decorated the walls and doorway. She tore at it and went inside. It was almost bare. The bed had been stripped and most of the contents were missing. Even the mattress! A piece of paper was stuck to the wall by the headboard. 'Sheriff's Office Receipt of Items Taken As Evidence' she read. Evidence? Of what? Had they been robbed? Puzzled, she re

early to sit in his office and strategize for his next hostile take-over of some or other promising looking business on Deanna. He wanted it all, and it seemed to be happening. He was clearly on the right track.

He practiced his usual business-like stares, flashing the mask of total disinterest at the large ornamental mirror on the far wall. He also enjoyed intimidating his employees. Nothing worked better than his 'you're fired' look. Oh well, everybody gets their kicks differently.

Then he turned the complex machine of wheels and cogs, which was his mind, toward the current situation – which was in considering when it would be appropriate to place an obituary notice for a certain former CIA agent. 'Ms Cindy-Mei Winter, so recently bereft of her beau – and Deanna's own much celebrated son, beck the Badfeller'. Hmm – two flies conveniently removed from his ointment. Miss uh – Smith had been extremely valuable thus far, and despite the warnings his survival instinct were flashing at him, he was seriously considering the continued use of her services in other delicate matters.

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