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   Chapter 30 No.30

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Exhausted and going deeper into shock, Mei yanked out the detonator from the explosive charge and dropped it. She didn't need that anymore. She turned to look at her rescuer, swaying with fatigue, dripping sweat and blood, her chest heaving with each breath. It was impossible, but there he was. It was as though she were waking from a dream – a horrible nightmare.

The terrible darkness within her was retreating – fleeing from the bright rays of the hope now swelling inside her. She couldn't speak. The words just wouldn't come. The tears did though. She let the blade slip from her numb fingers, barely hearing it fall. He was standing there right in front of her, just like she remembered him, except for the really funny looking clothes. Funny fashions in Heaven. Must be. Grief or shock had driven her mad. Or she was dying and he had come to fetch her. He reached her just in time as she crumpled.

"Sorry I was late, love." He said, holding her as he gently lowered her to the ground, thinking 'No pun intended.'' He smiled, looking her right in the eyes as he checked her injuries. The hideous jacket came off and the shirt became a compress for the shoulder wound. It didn't look very serious, but she'd lost quite a lot of blood. The blood of his beloved covered his hands and he felt raw anger and concern and love for her, all mixed up. He realized that they couldn't have had better revenge or justice than seeing the body of the assassin at their feet, and all thoughts of retaliation faded from his thoughts. Apart from thinkin

een on the corpse earlier, not even scars. She shook her head.

"Holograms, huh?"


"Ok." She said, nodding. "So where's the assassin?"

"She's inside." Said Gary, setting down the love of his life inside one of them.


"Yes. Here and there." He quipped. "Mei took her out. Big time."

"Thank the gods that's finally over!" Peg smiled, settling back to enjoy her richly deserved hangover. She told the Deputies to check out the warehouse and keep it all under wraps till morning proper when they could make a full report to her in her office. Putting on the lights and siren, they sped away to Atro City General.

"Your timing was good." Said Gary as he drove hard through the streets of the sleeping city, the tires chirping. This could be fun under different circumstances. Mei was slumped in the back seat, lying with her head on Peg's lap.

"She sent me a message just before she went inside." Peg explained, very glad she didn't have to drive. "Lucky I was still awake enough to hear it."

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