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   Chapter 29 No.29

Dead Man’s Hammer By Christina Engela Characters: 4902

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"Tastes just like your man's." She grinned cruelly.

Mei was getting weak, her muscles tired and she realized that with each passing second Villainessa Tittel was winning. '52 Pick-up.

With great effort, she recomposed herself, drawing the sword up and ready, straightening her back and setting her feet in the correct stance. Her shoulder ached, and she was losing blood fast. Her opponent was pacing now, looking for an angle, closing in for the kill. Vil was still smiling at her, like this was all just one big, sick, twisted game. Inside Cindy-Mei's mind, something went 'snap'.

She attacked, slicing the blade through the air, directing it at the darkness. One, a vertical downwards sweep. Well versed in unarmed combat, her opponent merely side stepped the blow. Two, across towards the right. Vil whirled out of the way, turning for the next attack. Three – a stab, sweep and a chop. Her enemy simply avoided her attack, whirled round and delivered a roundhouse kick that knocked her breath out – and sent her sprawling onto the floor. The blade went skittering out of sight. Mei lifted her head in the still silence. Villainessa Tittel was standing over her, catching her breath. Then she reached down and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her upwards, the talons scratching into her scalp and scraping the skull bone as she did so. She cried out in pain.

"You know how much I charged for you? Two million. And that was just for you. Your man and the

grinning someone – someone who couldn't possibly – exist – but -! – That's impossible -!

"A little more respect for the dead, please!" Said Beck the Badfeller as he let go the hammer.

The explosion fading from her hearing, Villainessa Tittel staggered backwards, and suddenly realized she was gagging, swaying slightly as blood gushed from both sides of the wound. Her lips, now red with her own life blood – and the look in her eyes, wide open, displayed the feelings of one who was – for the first time, understanding the true nature of her work, and from the inside.

On the floor, Mei's frantic, scrabbling fingers found the errant blade and closed around the handle. With grim determination, she rose to her feet and kept her balance. With one final angry cry, she delivered the killing blow to her mortal enemy with the last of her fading strength. Thus it was that the vile assassin Villainessa Tittel fell dead at their feet, spilling blood for the last time.

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