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   Chapter 28 No.28

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Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

'Funny', she thought, 'it's like coming to visit Death in his own den'. Then she corrected herself. 'Her den', she thought.

The warehouse was full of shadows and nothing much else. She stopped somewhere roughly in the center, looking round slowly. The floor was an expanse of empty concrete, with naught but a few pieces of paper to break the space a little. The far doors were closed. A little moonlight shone through the few skylights here and there. That was all. She could see no one. Her Glock was in its holster, charged and ready. She spread her feet and flexed her fingers. She was ready now, whatever the outcome. And then, suddenly, she heard the incredibly faint sound of a shadow dropping onto the floor behind her.

" ", It went. And then there was the voice.

"Funny. It looks like Winter's come early this year."

She whirled round. Behind her stood the dark figure of the assassin Villainessa Tittel. If darkness could wear a cloak, and if death could wear a sweet smile, then this was it. Perhaps the dainty looking energy weapon she was pointing at her with one hand had something to do with it. It was, obviously, far more dangerous than it looked.

"A Viktor Venom? Really Vil – you know if you squeeze that thing too hard you might break it." Mei Said silkily.

The darkness shrugged impassively.

"That's all right, as long as it kills you first." She said. "I told you I'd be the death of you."

"Yes, you did." Said Mei. "I know you're a rotten excuse for a human being and a horrible waste of a good manicure – but tell me, why did you have to hurt other people just to get to me? Why not just take me out with

g to die, maybe not – but she was going to make the bitch work for it.

"Oh goodie." Tittel said silkily, her eyes narrowed. "More toys."

"Let's see who's going to kill who! Bring it on, you bitch!" Mei cried.

Smiling, Tittel tilted her head slightly, and circling, preparing to lunge. She attacked, with a whirling motion, making sweeps with her outstretched fingers. She was all over Mei, and the slashes she was making in the air weren't hitting anything, just following the assassin's movements around her. Those razor sharp talons were deadly, and they were coming close. Contact. She landed a blow to Vil's forearm – which resulted in a clang as it was stopped by a piece of armor under her leather jacket. The next instant there was a sudden pain in her left shoulder as Villainessa Tittel hit home. She twisted away, crying out in pain. A swipe in midair as she staggered backwards, clutching the wound with her sword hand. Blood was streaming from the holes – which is what Vil had paused to lick off her fingers and smile at her, while running her tongue along her reddened lips.

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