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   Chapter 27 No.27

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It was a late weeknight on Deanna, and for Mei it was yet another without any real sleep. She missed Gary. It had been two days since he'd been found at the side of the road, somewhere in obsidian crow country. Two long days of misery. Four since she last saw his face. Three since she last heard his voice on the phone. And it was going to be a long wait. The days ahead stretched before her like an endless waste. One thing was certain – it was not a good time to be Cindy-Mei Winter. Part of her tiredly hoped V would try the hospital. She would come very short and that would be the end of the whole thing right there.

In the quiet ward in Atro City General, Fred unobtrusively kept watch over Danielle as she slept. Outside in the hallway sat a dozing Deputy called 'Al'. The door was closed and it was a private ward. Danielle slept, far away under the calming effects of the sedatives, at peace for now. Fred was keeping quite still, doing his famous 'plant' act – pretending to be just another plant where he'd arranged himself beside her bed. From here he had a pretty good view and would be close enough to intervene should the need arise. When the nurse occasionally stopped by to check on her patient, she hardly even noticed him. He was after all, just a plant, and was – well, just vegetating. He had known Cindy-Mei for almost a year, and Gary Beck almost three months – Danielle too, from her numerous visits to Mei's apartment during the times when Fred was staying there. (In the lounge, by the fish pond near the balcony door.) This whole business was upsetting – even for an Arborian like Fred. If he'd had any blood it would've been boiling.

* * *

The 'Shock Diamond'

you care about first."

She knew that Vil would do that too. She also knew meeting Vil tonight was a trap. That was obvious. Trouble was, it wasn't just about revenge for Cindy-Mei anymore. It was to stop others from dying after her. At least if she went to meet her – supposedly to her death – it would end with her. It was going to be an act of sacrifice, at the end. To save others she cared about.

"I'll be there." She said and pushed the little red button.

* * *

Cindy-Mei Winter entered the warehouse alone. There had been plenty on her mind lately, the death of her beloved Gary, the kidnapping of her young friend Danielle – who would now have to undergo cosmetic surgery to repair the damage done to her pretty face, not to mention counseling – but right now, she was calm and cool and emotionless. She had found that deep, dark pool of emptiness inside her that she had hoped to never enter again. Right now, Mei was in it up to her neck. Villainessa Tittel was here, somewhere, and Mei was going to end it, one way or another. She was going to make Villainessa Tittel pay in blood – with every last drop.

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