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   Chapter 26 No.26

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Gary Beck wanted to see the past and had twisted Scrooby's rubber arm. Scrooby just went 'ow -ow -ow' and acquiesced. It was almost like watching a movie, with depth, sound and color. An infinite number of camera angles. He decided to do something he wanted to do for some time now – he saw Mei, back when she was still working for the Colonial Intelligence Agency, back when she was still Agent Winter. Gary saw a tall blond man, short hair, reasonably well built. Handsome. (Shudder.) There was only a passing resemblance to Mei, like he could've been her brother or a distant relative. Even the shape of his face was different. He'd never even seen any photos of him. Mei said they'd all been destroyed. He always wondered how it would affect him and their relationship if he ever did see the old Mei. Quite honestly he didn't know. She wasn't that person anymore. The only trace of him that remained was in the knowledge and memories of the one Gary loved. In her nightmares too. Did it really matter now anyway?

'No' he decided. It didn't matter anymore. Not to him.

He didn't ask Scrooby to fast forward to show him what had happened after his death, but he did anyway. Mei, Peg, and Danielle – it was a grim picture, and it made him feel even more strongly what it might be like for a dead man to look in on friends and relatives after their passing. In the midst of it all, running through the red riv

e Targa."

"I had it towed while we were inside." She smiled. "It's evidence, remember?"

"Bitch." Mei gave a little smile. "I was just starting to enjoy it."

"You've got enough money to buy your own." Smiled Peg. "Heck, probably one for every day of the week."

"Not that much." Mei sighed tiredly. "But I'd pay anything in the world to just have this over with."

"Hon, I don't blame you. Not one bit."

Fred agreed to help them out, and weary of this day, Peg took Mei home again. Fred was an old friend she met on the ship that brought her to this crazy planet some months ago. He was a mobile, sentient plant with a sense of duty and honor and right and wrong. Not to mention his good taste in music, and not forgetting his sense of humor. Hmm. At least she could be comforted by the knowledge that Danielle would be safe in the hospital. Anybody trying any funny business in her room tonight was in for one hell of a surprise.

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