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   Chapter 25 No.25

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* * *

Danielle had passed in and out of sleep all day, perhaps for longer, she didn't know anymore. Still she lay tied to the bed frame lying in her own waste, feeling really down about herself, expecting at any moment to die. Struggling had proved fruitless, the handcuffs only cut into her if she tried to squeeze out of them. Wondering what the hell she did to piss anybody off so badly was one of the main activities her mind had turned to. And then, suddenly, she heard commotion somewhere that sounded like big burly men smashing down doors and shouting "Clear!" Then there was a big splintering crash and the sound of the door banging off the wall as it swung inward.

"Sheriff!" Called a deep voice. By the time Peg reached the bed, three Deputies were there already, telling her it was all going to be okay. Peg pushed her way to Danielle, who was looking really messed up. Danielle was struggling to raise her head. Peg placed her hand gently on her forehead and told her to lie still and relax.

"Ssh, hon – it's nearly over. We've got you, you're safe." She said, then yelled "Somebody get me a medikit!"

Somewhere in the background, she heard a low voice telling Peg they didn't think it wise to pull the tape off with all the cuts on her face. She agreed. Within a few minutes, Peg was gently cutting away at the tape with a scalpel blade and scissors. First around her eyes and then the tape that held her mouth closed. Her eyes stared wild around the room, her makeup having r

"Doctor says I'm going to be as good as new." She said in a croaky voice as she tried to smile at her, but her face was too swollen and immobile. The sedatives were beginning to do their work now. They would help her sleep. Some elements of the cocktail would help her to forget a little too. Hopefully.

"Yes you are, sweetie." She smiled back, trying to look convincing.

"Mei? Why did that crazy woman do this? Who is she?"

"A very bad person, sweetie." She said as Danielle dropped off. "A very messed-up person."

She wanted to add: 'But not nearly as messed-up as she's going to be.' She also wanted to add: 'This wasn't because of anything you did. It was done to you because of me.' But she couldn't. What Danielle needed right now was her rest, not some ranting angry woman by her side spouting talk about revenge. Or regret. Instead, just as the nurses arrived to take her to her room, she said to the sleeping figure "Don't worry Danny, she won't hurt you again. I promise."

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