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   Chapter 24 No.24

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Scrooby started using his hands to build complicated finger-models in the air above the table.

"Look. " He said. "In the first place you're not dead now – you're dead then. We just have to figure out a convenient time to put you back where you belong and then just delete all the – um, other things later."

"Other things?"

"Relax, bud – you're here. Safe. The Buffer, remember?"

Gary remembered his lecture about the Buffer, which protected the TSA temporarily, from what they called UTE's (Unforeseen Time Events), or in other words, screw-ups. It would give them a grace period to sort this all out before Gary's demise eventually caught up with him. (But Scrooby had said he'd been copied out of the Timeline, so he didn't think that would happen. 'Practically for certain', he'd said.) Scrooby had shared some of his misadventures while trying to undo the damage done to Time by Time Terrorists, who altered the timeline for their own devious purposes, i.e. MG (Material Gain) or PM (Plain Malice) or even OOB (Out Of Boredom).

History was very, very susceptible to UTE's. Once he had screwed up in only a small way and people had worn those silly little yellow smiley faces on t-shirts for decades afterwards. Gary had always wondered where the Dickens that had come from. Well, now he knew. Once quite a while ago, Napoleon had managed to dig his vaunted tunnel under the English Channel and invaded London. It took a while for the effects of this event to reach the TSA, but everybody ended up speaking French for a while until someone went back again later to fix it.

"So what do we do n

walking back to the Targa. The message had come back from Vil – a GPS grid reference where she would find Danielle. She gave it to her, detailing her little chat with the assassin. Peggy-Ann found the location on her S.O.D. cars nav computer.

"That's an old office building in the industrial sector." She said. "I'm on my way!"

"Be careful!" Mei said. "God knows what kind of surprises she's set up there! Give me the street address so I can – hello? Hello?"

Peggy-Ann regretted doing that, but Mei was a civilian now, and things were getting far too dangerous for civilians. That was the general official attitude of governments and law enforcement agencies for the last three hundred years, wasn't it? Civilians were allowed to die in cross-fire and get hurt by criminals, but they were considered too inept to be allowed to do anything about it. Sticking her arm out the window of her vehicle, she caught the attention of the Deputies who were scrambling back into their S.O.D. cars. They began to follow as she pulled off, lights flashing and siren screaming.

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