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   Chapter 23 No.23

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He got off the table and felt the rough concrete floor beneath his feet as he followed. Near a doorway was a chair with some neatly folded clothing piled on it. Scrooby passed it to him and stood watching as Gary began to fit them. The pants were a little snug, but all right. He preferred jeans. Sneakers too, not – what could he call these things – loafers? The shirt seemed to be an aubergine kind of thing with a frilled collar. There was a jacket too, cerise – with stripes. To be honest, Gary thought it looked somewhat … odd. Putting it all together in the same place amounted to fashion suicide. A crime of fashion. In any century.

"Well, you did laugh at me when I had to wear that dress and the silly wig." He grinned. "Payback time! Oh – and by the way, the shirt goes outside the pants."

"Good gods." Said Gary feigning horror. "What would Versace do if he could see me now?"

"Oh, about 2000rpm, I think." Scrooby quipped.

There was a descriptive word surfacing somewhere at the back of his mind. The kids used it these days. Young people like Danielle pitched it around like 'cool' and 'awesome' were generations ago. Craptacular. That was it – craptacular. And the (ugh) shoes that squeaked slightly when he shifted his weight. They were shitiose, he decided. Absolutely. And when looking himself over, he was warm and clothed but felt utterly disgrosified. Giving Scrooby a look somewhere between gratitude and nausea, he noted the look of amusement he was getting.

"Thanks. I

e CIA and they really never got on."

"That bitch worked with Mei?" Gary repeated. "Charming."

"After your death, she kidnaps your mutual friend Danielle, leaving a clear trail of breadcrumbs for her to follow."

"She wants Mei to find her? But why?"

"Because Mei is her real target."

"Okay, but no, I mean why? Why everything? Why Mei?"

"Mei has made a few enemies in her time on Deanna. So have you. Face it, you guys interfere, you do good, you help people. You sabotage the plans of bigger fish in the same pond. Let's just say that not everybody is crazy about good Samaritans upsetting their plans."

Something else was bothering Gary now.

"But if you knew I was – going to die, how come you didn't stop it from happening?" He asked. "Usually, last time, I mean – that's what you do, isn't it? If I'm dead now, how can I go back after I'm dead? I'd have to go back before I'm killed – or I'd be dead, all over again, wouldn't I – I mean that's how we nailed Xyl – isn't it?"

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