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   Chapter 22 No.22

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Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

"What about Danielle?"

"Oh yes – I almost forgot." She said, passing a mobile phone to Mei. "When I'm safely away from here, I'll send it to you. Don't bother to trace the phone – it's the one you dialed just now. I picked it up at the space port when I arrived."

That's the trouble, thought Mei as the monster walked away again, humming to herself. She was one step ahead of them all the way. This was all some kind of game to her. She had all the cards. The thing with Vil was you could never tell when a game of Poker was going to suddenly turn into '52 Pick-up. Worst of all, she was winning. And from the look of things, she was so far ahead of them she already knew how it was going to end. One thing was certain – all bets were off.

* * *

Gary Beck a.k.a. Beck the Badfeller, opened his eyes. The fact that he could do this at all was something of an amazing feat – considering that he was now for all intents and purposes, dead. At least, he thought he was dead – wasn't he? That's generally the conclusion when some crazed bitch jumps you and starts ripping into you with impossibly sharp fingers… The assassin had been fast, precise and deadly, and she had pain on her fingertips. He remembered the pain and he remembered blood everywhere, the frantic struggle, the terrible hopeless feeling of his limbs weighing him down like lead, breathlessness and then the cold blackness. And then he woke up lying here. Wherever here was.

He looked down at himself. No cuts, no blood – no scars either,

now there's this – assassin after her and now he gives me another chance to save her – only this isn't really another chance, but the chance he meant originally?' Something started to filter through the murk like daylight. It began to put things into focus for him. The dark basement room, his missing clothes, Scrooby on his own – without his operator to man the time jump machine. Or the machine itself. Did somebody forget to pay the lights – or -?

"They don't know you're doing this, do they?"

"Let's just say that sometimes Management likes to forget the promises they make. But I'm the one that had to make a promise for them – and you kept your part of the bargain."

"So people from the future still have a conscience?" He said appreciatively. "You went out on a limb for me, Scrooby. Thanks."

"Heck no!" Scrooby grinned. "I just like to keep my friends alive! Now come on, buddy. I've got some clothes for you over here – the best the props guys had! There's lots we need to talk about!"

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