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   Chapter 20 No.20

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"Tires are still warm." Mei said. "It hasn't been here long."

The number was on voicemail, except that the recorded message was of a voice crying, screaming. She recognized the voice immediately. It was Danielle. She passed it over to the Sheriff, who went pale with anger when she heard it.

"So what do we do now?" She asked Mei as she put the device back in her pocket.

"Let's look at the whole thing again – from the outside." Said Mei.


They fell silent. Mei took out her phone and checked the message. It was from the number on the card. It read: 'Meet me @ Albrecht's Takeaways 5 min. Use Targa. Come alone. I c 1 cop the girl is KIA.'

"That doesn't sound good." Said Peg. "What's 'KIA?"

"Killed in Action." Mei replied, climbing in behind the wheel. "Do anything you like, but just stay clear of Lupini Square!"

"What – where you going with that? It's evidence!"

"I'll deliver it to the station in a bit." She said. "I promise!"

She slammed the door and punched the starter. The powerful hydrogen-fuelled motor burst into life and she gunned it. It almost felt good. Ok, it felt very good. The all-wheel drive was automatic and virtually instantaneous and in a very short time she was cruising down the streets of the city at high speed, leaving a very puzzled Sheriff watching the sports car vanish from sight around a corner. Mei had three and a half minutes to get there, and this was an appointment she couldn't afford to miss.

* * *

From behind the counter of his stall, Johannes Albrecht, proprietor of Albrecht's Takeaways, could see a large part of the square, and also part of the road which ran around it. People were m

dy red that matched her long, delicate looking nails.

"Going to a funeral, Vil?" Asked Cindy-Mei as she arrived at the table, ready for anything.

"Yes. Yours, actually." She replied silkily, not even looking up. "Sit down."

She did, but not very enthusiastically. There could be a million ways for V to kill her from a distance and possibly, a million and a half more at close range. She sat there a moment, watching the assassin – Gary's murderer – unconcernedly sip her coffee.

"So why'd you kill him?" She asked, at last.

"So it did hurt you." She smiled, still holding the coffee cup. "Take off your sunglasses – I want to see your eyes."

She complied reluctantly, resting them on top of her head. Her eyes were tired, still slightly puffy. "Happy?"


"And the girl? That to hurt me too?"

"Damn, you're getting good at this. I'll have to kill you before you think you're getting as good at this as me." She smiled faintly. "What am I saying? You'll never get as good at this as me. Yes, it was that and the fact that I needed to guarantee my safety while meeting you here."

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