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   Chapter 19 No.19

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Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

Peg doubted that. In her experience nothing was tougher than a woman. A kick-ass woman who had experienced life previously as an all-round action man, was not to be easily trifled with.

"Great, so we know she hired a Targa 800 – now we need to know where that car went on Saturday. And last night." Peg reached over to the console and connected to the Satellite Surveillance program. She inserted the other disc from the agency and traced the vehicles' movements from the time it left the Space Port. She had it printed out too.

"Think she's still alive?" Asked Peg.

"Who knows?" Said Mei.

She reached out to the printer on the corner of her desk. Taking the thin micro-sheet plastic in her hands, Peg looked at it and passed it to Mei. She looked it over. The car, a black Targa 800, had indeed been in the area at the time of the killing – it'd stopped at the scene of Gary's… death – for 17 minutes, and then had returned to Atro City immediately afterwards. The car was also in close proximity to Danielle's flat at the time of the kidnapping and murder there, this time for 33 minutes before leaving again. She scanned down the list to find its very next stop after that – its present location. And grimaced.

"C'mon!" She breathed. "We've got her!"

In high geo-synchronous orbits above Deanna (designed to actually miss Ding and Dong) were six small satellites that were used for everything from distributing satellite TV signals, to mobile phone networks, to weather forecasting. One of the other uses for these satellites was the tracking of commercial vehicles, which was intended to prevent them from disappearing of

She turned it upside down. The mobile number underneath now read 'hello mei'. Well that tore it. She wasn't going to be anywhere nearby, just waiting for them to pounce on her!

Taking the first card she'd found at her apartment out of her pocket, she compared all three. The material, font and general description of all three cards was exact. Well, at least that solved the mystery of the first card. Time to change her digital locks, if that would make her feel any better. It also confirmed to Mei what she already suspected. She was the main target – Danielle and Gary were both tied to her as secondary targets – condemned by mere association.

The 'hello mei' message was also a mobile number. It was worth a shot, if Vil was leaving a trail of bread crumbs for her to follow. Punching the number into her mobile, she handed both cards to Peg, who looked them over.

"The bitch!" She breathed. "She's been playing 'tag' with us all along!"

"Yes, I thought it was going a little too easily." Said Mei.

"Easy?" Said Peg, almost offended. "That's an interesting word for it."

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