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   Chapter 18 No.18

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The rich Lantillium deposits were just too much of a temptation to resist, apparently. Despite his obviously alien exterior, Mark had proved to them that even a cold reptilian Ruminarii could have a heart (or two, preferably deep fried and crumbed and stuffed with bits of liver and kidney and dunked in blood sauce.) He saved both Jenny and Danielle from certain death.

Mark was like a member of the family now, almost part of the furniture. (A leather couch or snake-skin trunk perhaps?) And there he stood, working at the counter, thoughtfully slicing fruit with an exquisitely sharp paring knife.

"How far are you?" Asked Jenny, just finished juicing fresh oranges for the salad.

As a reptilian, Mark seemed to have a taste for meat more than anything else, and had at first preferred it raw. Then he became accustomed to cooked food and eventually even ventured to add veggies and fruit to his menu as well.

"Nearly" said Mark, "Jhusst the bananass left."

Jenny smiled. Despite the seven months he'd been living with them at the ranch, Mark still had a pronounced Ruminarii accent. But it was improving. Ruminarii consisted largely of hisses clicks and moans. A remarkably compact language, Ruminarii.

"Okay." She smiled. "Let me know if you need any help."

"They're just bhananass." Said Mark, slightly puzzled. Surely he could subdue mere fruit without help?

"You know what I mean." She said, opening the fridge and wondering if he actually did.


r how it is that a sweet innocent thing like you got to know her!"

"She also worked for the CIA. Unofficially." Mei frowned. "I wasn't always so 'sweet and innocent'. We worked on an assignment together once. We made a great team at first – but she liked her job a little too much. In the end, we didn't get on very well at all."

"Really? Why?"

"Oil and water, you know."

"No I don't Explain it."

Mei remembered her all too well.

"Well, let's see – I'm an Aquarius, she's a Leo; I was a field agent, she was an assassin. She liked to kill people, I got in her way and spoiled her fun – I got her busted. I guess maybe she took it more personally than I thought. You know, stuff like that."

"Oil and water." Peg repeated, then half joking and a little impressed, she jibed: "You pissed off an assassin? Are you nuts? Did you have a death wish?"

"Hey, I wasn't always as sweet and innocent as I am now." Mei countered. "I used to be… slightly tougher in those days."

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