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   Chapter 17 No.17

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"Okay, okay!" He grunted. Mei let him up and released him. He flexed his shoulders, adjusting his tie and jacket in an attempt to restore his male dignity. Then, with plainly obvious annoyance, he reached over to the computer console on the desk and checked.

"Tanys Flavia." He said. "Saturday, nine forty five."

"And?" Asked Peg.

"And? What d'you mean – and?"

"Did it come back?"

"No. It was rented for a week. She paid cash. It's only due back next Saturday."

"Okay, " said Peg. "Now we're getting somewhere. Now the transponder code for the vehicle."

"The - ?" Repeated the manager, now nearly angry enough to shout. Or to risk raising his voice. Nearly.

"You keep tabs on your vehicles whereabouts, don't you? Via the satellite tracking system? And while you're at it – your surveillance video for this office." Said Mei in a threatening tone. "For the time in question. And – uh, today's while you're at it."

It wouldn't do to get Peggy-Ann in trouble on top of everything. The manager was about to object, then gave up. He knew he wouldn't manage. He drew the appropriate discs and gave them to Peggy-Ann, giving Mei a fearful, resentful look.

"Thank you for your co-operation." Sheriff Peggy-Ann said cheerfully. "Maybe one day if someone you care about gets kidnapped we could be of some service to you."

The two of them walked outside to her S.O.D. car.

"That was a nice idea." Said Peg, complimenting Mei. "The old good-cop-bad-cop routine."

Mei flexed her aching fingers, before replying: "Who says it was a routine?"

As they drove to the Sheriff's Office, Peg passed the discs to Mei, who fiddled with them thoughtfully.

reflection of almost every other known value system. For the Ruminarii, if something went right, it was bad. To them a really 'great' day was simply wonderful. It had taken considerable patience and explanations with some frustrating and embarrassing silences to get their heads around it all. The headaches were sublime.

It had taken some time and quite a lot of effort, but Jenny and Danielle had got used to having Mark around. He was rather useful. Danielle always said when there was heavy lifting to be done they should get a man to do it. Well, Mark wasn't a 'man', exactly – in the strictest sense of the term – but he sure filled in the general description right enough. The fact that he was technically an enemy alien and the Grauffis family and their co-conspirators could find themselves dancing in a dark corner by themselves with no music just for harboring him didn't seem to matter anymore. He'd just showed up on the Grauffis farm one day – ironically at the same time as the mine-men who came to kill both Jenny and her younger sibling so the local mine could claim the land – and saved them.

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