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   Chapter 16 No.16

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Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller – in consultation with the deceased's girlfriend, Cindy-Mei Winter – now presumed the perpetrator of the murder and the kidnapping were one and the same. She also thought it was safe to presume that this person was obviously not from Deanna. In all her time in law enforcement, she had never seen this level of depravity – except for the classes at the Academy which covered serial killers (and door-to-door salesmen). Following this trail of logic, this perpetrator would have arrived in Atro City at the space port – just like everybody else – and procured their transportation as close to there as possible.

Mei thought it was a woman. A woman from somewhere else, not from Deanna. Peggy-Ann tended to agree after a while – after all, weren't the most dangerous terrorists in history females? It was something about the motherly instinct, the experts said – it became twisted and wrapped around some kind of cause or illusion that took the place of the child – and everybody and his dog knows to not get between a mama-bear and her cub. Unless they had a mighty big gun and lots of spare ammo, and perhaps a head start or a fast car.

There were two hundred and twenty three Targa 800's on Deanna, according to the Auto Registration database, and of those, there were only one hundred and five based in the Atro City – San Fedora area. Of those, ninety seven were based in Atro City proper. Of those ninety seven, fifteen had been scrapped over the last five years due to various mishaps including miscellaneous MVA's and obsidian crows. Two more had been standing in the police pound for speeding and parking violations since a week ago –

him how un-ergonomic the sharp edge of a countertop really could be. Especially when it was slowly being forced into the side of your head with considerable pressure. He grunted with fear and pain. Not to mention acute embarrassment at having his whole body held in an immovable grip by a petite looking woman. How come she's so strong? In black leather too. Nice.

"What was that name again?" She growled at him through clenched teeth. There was something in the tone of her voice that sent a shiver down even Peggy-Ann's spine. His eyes desperately sweeping the room, found hers. The look on Mei's face was one of brute determination.

"You're cops!" He pleaded, squirming in her iron grip. "You're supposed to have rules!"

"I'm a cop." Peggy-Ann said, putting on an air of smugness and leaning on the counter right in front of him. She pointed at Mei. "She's not. And it just happens that I didn't see anything. And do you know what? I'm going to go on not seeing anything – for a little while at least. Got any coffee round here? I think I'll take my coffee break outside and leave the two of you alone!"

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