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   Chapter 14 No.14

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"Sheriff." He greeted tersely. "Great way to start the day."

"Mike." She nodded tiredly. "What you got so far?" She was not a morning person. 'Coffee would go down a treat now', she was thinking.

"Looks like a kidnapping." He said. "Three students rent this apartment, all girls. Last night two of them went out, came back around nine pm – the perp was inside waiting for them. He roughed them up, killed one and abducted the other."

"You said three girls rent the apartment – where was number three?"

"Julie Sanders." He read off the Pad. "Neighbors in 210 and 208 are also students; they're all away, except for one in 210. The girl there said Julie went home for the weekend and is only due to come back sometime this week. Parents got a place out past Skegg's Valley."

"Can't we do better than 'sometime this week'?" Peg queried cynically.

"Sorry Sheriff – these are students. When they aren't studying, they're sleeping – or partying. I doubt many of them know what day of the week it is."

"Okay. You verified those facts yet?"

"I have Doyle making calls now. Probably take a few hours – people are still sleeping."

"Ok. Any witnesses?"

"Nope. Just people who heard a lot of screaming. Girl in 210 said she heard heavy footsteps down the stairs."

"Any names?"

"Uh – the victim is a Mary-Jo Sanders. The uh – kidnap-ee is one Danielle Grauffis."

She went cold. "Say that again?"

"The murder v-"

"No, the other one!"

"Danielle Grauff

ack memories. She was going to be the last sight someone was going to see. A new day had dawned – the day Cindy-Mei Winter died to herself and to the world and reclaimed the mantle of darkness which she had left behind for a better life.

Still, it was time for breakfast now – she couldn't work long on an empty stomach, and anyway, Peg would be around soon. Mei turned to walk out of the room when something caught her eye. It was a small card, lying on her side of the double bed, just in front of the pillow. That was strange. Wondering where it came from, she gingerly reached out and opened it. Printed in ordinary looking letters were the words:

''Sum Wun Chi Ne Se'. Yeah right. Cute.' She thought and put it in a pocket somewhere in the black leather outfit she was wearing. Just wondered where it had come from. 'Must be Peg', she thought. Must be trying to tell her something. Then she went to the small open-plan kitchen by the lounge and slowly made something to eat.

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