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   Chapter 10 No.10

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After traveling in silence for about fifteen minutes, Mei saw the telltale yellow police markers at the side of the road as they passed. Gary's Jeepo had been towed away and impounded as evidence. She'd seen it at the Sheriff's office on the way out of San Fedora. Peg said later that she shouldn't have stopped. She shouldn't have let Mei look inside. She knew it, but she couldn't stop herself – and neither could Peg. Even without his body in there, it was a horrible experience. This was the scene of the crime. This was where it happened.

"Turn round and pull over." She said.

"Why?" She asked. "What do you think you'll see?"

"Please." She pleaded. "I just want to."

Peggy-Ann obliged, even though she thought it was a mistake – another one. It was early evening. Ramalama had set already and Ding and Dong, Deanna's two mad little moons, were climbing the horizon. Mei got out and silently looked over the small crater, the tracks, and the place where the Jeepo had stood. Where Gary had died. A gentle evening breeze wafted her hair and she just stood there eventually, hands in the pockets of her coat. Peggy-Ann got out and went to her. The silence was suffocating.

"He hit the crow over there." Peg explained. "Tire burst and he skidded to over here. The spare in the trunk was also flat. Sheriff O'Donnell says he got a call from him Saturday around 11:25 to say he had car trouble and would be late. Sometime after that, another vehicle drove by and stopped right about here."

"What happened then?" She asked quietly.

"We don't know exactly." Peggy

she could handle. Mostly she preferred to just look and not get too close. Whenever she went out with Mary-Jo they usually ended up just sitting at the bar having drinks, eyeing the talent as it eyed them back and didn't do anything much about it. Not that Danielle would consent to a one night stand or anything – wisely, she knew that this was the quickest way for a girl like her (who wasn't yet completely female, at least below the belt) to pick up trouble.

Danielle and one of her roomies had gone out to the Disk for the evening. Mary-Jo was a pleasant enough girl to go out with; it was just her tendency to be a wallflower that put Danielle off a bit. Dancing was okay though, for her, and chatting to people. If she were ever to meet a nice guy – it probably wouldn't be at the Disk – and it would have to stay strictly above the belt as far as she was concerned. And anyway, she was wise enough to know she wasn't likely to meet a nice guy at a place like the Disk. That was, assuming there was indeed such a thing at all as a nice guy.

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