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   Chapter 8 No.8

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The news hit Cindy-Mei like a hammer blow. There could be no worse news. Mei had been settling in for a quiet day waiting for Gary at her apartment, when Peggy-Ann arrived instead. The two women were not exactly on speaking terms. There was no friction between them exactly, but there was just that 'three's a crowd' feeling where she and Gary were concerned. Mei knew Gary had once had feelings for Peggy-Ann. It always made them feel a little uncomfortable around each other. But all that seemed irrelevant now, as Cindy-Mei sat shaking with grief on the couch in her lounge. Bright daylight was filtering through the large picture windows that presented a beautiful vista of the city and the Bay.

Peggy-Ann had broken it to her as gently as was possible under any circumstances and now they sat together in silence, just holding each other awkwardly. There were no words for either of them. Peg hadn't heard sounds of grief like that since her gran died when she was sixteen and her mom collapsed in the bedroom. It was heartrending.

She had learned from Gary that Mei had been male once, but that was out of her mind now as she tried to comfort her – as they tried to comfort each other. It wasn't working, really. When she asked her how it happened, Peg told her all she knew – which, admittedly, wasn't much. It didn't help Mei any, it just set her off crying again. She didn't bring up the pictures. She wasn't overly fond of Mei, but she would spare her that. She felt she owed Gary that much.

"Well, now I know why he wasn't replying to any of my messages." She managed to get out. She mopped her

anet. Obsidian crows were not regarded as dangerous, except when crossing the roads. And while they might occasionally snap at or claw someone in self-defense, they weren't known for climbing into vehicles, or for seriously injuring humans – unless you count actually falling on someone. Anyone pushing the theory that a crow killed Gary was really saying that one and one was three – and if an obsidian crow could drive a sports car, maybe they could be right.

A long while later, they arrived in San Fedora. It was a small town, an industrial center that was fast developing. There were several factories here, mostly automotive and related industries. There was a hat factory in town, where most of the hats on Deanna were made. The Jeepo factory was here somewhere too. Right next to the Crow Bar factory, and the tannery that processed Red-horned wildebeest hides into leather products. The Crow Bar factory had a stylized obsidian crow as a logo on a big billboard just inside the fence beside the road. There were no prizes for guessing why they were called crow bars.

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