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   Chapter 54 No.54

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"No, seriously, drop it, Ralph. You're not going anywhere." Murphy replied flatly, as though there were no doubt of that fact.

Billingham smiled. "You won't shoot me, Murphy! Not today."

"After what you did to the Captain? After what you tried to do to us? Your bloody friends? Fuck you, Ralph!" The chief of security swore. "I don't care if we wait here like this until your bomb goes off, but you're not leaving!"

The tension had mounted rapidly, to the point where Billingham, Lofflin, and Murphy all had beads of perspiration trickling down their faces. Time was running out for all of them. Billingham was cornered and he knew it. Lofflin understood that killing Billingham meant they might as well all resign themselves to the same slow, lingering death they had only just side-stepped… But he understood Murphy's point of view – the prospect of letting Billingham get away after the fact, would be worse. Trouble was, Billingham thought that way too.

"Oh yeah?" He taunted. "If you shoot me, who's going to fix Blaine's mess? You, Murphy? Joe? How about you?"

Billingham slowly took a step back, towards the ramp, his blaster still trained on Lofflin, smiling as though he enjoyed feeling their helpless gaze on him.

"That's what I thought." He smirked, sounding half-relieved. "Be seeing you. Or not."

Billingham took another step backward. Murphy fired. Lofflin hit the deck as the bolt caught Billingham square-on on the hand that held the blaster. The entech screamed, twisting away. His blaster hit the deck, half melted and bubbling, with bits of what could have been fingers still attached. The man crumpled, screaming and sobbing, clutching the seared

ong with a large blob of empty space and a few astors – might have ended up inside an artificial black hole in another galaxy, far, far away. Fortunately, there wasn't even as much as a hiccup – not even a tiny, squeaky fart.

Mordrake's engines purred below decks like a fat, happy kitten – even though the comparison made Lofflin think of an obscenely large feline, but if warp engines could purr, then they certainly were. It had been a hell of a couple of days. The crew had lost valuable members…colleagues and friends alike. They'd gone through battle together… faced the prospects of certain death… and even circled the drain together. With the ship's main drive repaired and functional, the batteries began recharging again. Comms were still a no-show on the diagnostic, and would be right until the Mordrake received the attention she needed at a shipyard. Tremaine ought to do nicely. Lofflin turned Mordrake around and gently redirected his battered ship onto new co-ordinates, back into civilized space – back to Tremaine for much needed repairs and some down-time. He would see to that. Yeah – and parties.

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