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   Chapter 53 No.53

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"Why? You want to be a Corsair, Ralph?"

"Why not?" Billingham smirked. "It'll beat dying."

Considering his recent actions, Joe Lofflin didn't doubt the seriousness of the man. In fact he wouldn't put it past him.

"Yeah – black might suit you at that…But we're not dying anymore, Ralph – didn't you get the newsflash?"

Billingham smiled wryly as he dropped a restraint clip to the deck, and changed hands holding the blaster, his aim not wavering an iota.

"Why'd you do the Captain?" Lofflin asked in a level tone, trying not to think about the weapon being pointed at him.

"Did I?" Billingham quipped. "I don't recall confessing."

"Funny you didn't ask how Blaine was killed. I didn't realize till just now that you already knew."

Billingham looked at him coldly.

"I didn't kill Blaine, " He said calmly. "But he sure is dead!"

"He was the Captain!"

"The man was a bastard! You know that! He deserved to die! He killed us all – all of you anyway… Well, I wasn't going to take that lying down!"

"The old man could be a bastard sometimes, I'll agree with that, Ralph – but to die like that? For what – upholding his oath of duty?"

"He got what was coming to him!" Billingham scowled.

"Things get too hot, Ralph? Did we get too close? You decided to cut and run? Is that what this is all about?"

"Yeah." Billingham nodded, pausing a moment to reach down and remove the last part of the deck restraint, still keeping the muzzle of the

ver you say, you're the Captain!"

A sudden shout echoed across the shuttle deck and time seemed to stand still.

"If you pull that trigger, it'll be the last thing you ever do!" A familiar voice shouted.

"Murphy, my old friend!" Billingham greeted, his aim wavering only a little. Lofflin risked to glance round – good old Murphy! What security marines Murphy had managed to round up had silently surrounded them, appearing as if by magic on the scene just in time. Or so he hoped. After all, after this they still had a bomb to defuse. Ten weapons were being aimed at the rogue officer. Murphy stepped out from behind a stack of containers nearby, a blaster dangling in one hand. He stepped forward, reassured by the presence of his back-up.

"That's far enough, Murphy!" Billingham ordered, breaking into a sweat.

"Drop it, Ralph."

"I'm running out of time. No more games, now. No more games… I'm going to board this shuttle. If anybody moves, Lofflin's toast!"

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