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   Chapter 50 No.50

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This time, it was a direct hit – the beam penetrated. The blast penetrated the chink in the Akx's armor, vaporized the internals and with a deafening concussion blew the left shoulder and the two left arms clean off! The severed metal limbs fell to the deck grid with a squeal and a heavy metallic thud. The machine stood there, staring disbelievingly at the amputated metal limbs as they twisted briefly in smoldering electronic death… then it looked at the gaping wound in its side, and made a shocked little electronic noise as it saw the twisted things that hung from the jagged hole, bubbling and steaming. Hydraulic fluid squirted from an internal feed line onto the wall, and looked like blood spraying from a severed artery. Confused and malfunctioning – and now off-balance – the Akx stumbled and fell over. The Akx, terror of the ages, and denizen of the dark, lay still, defeated. Or was it?

The wind died down suddenly, followed by a last whisper – a final sigh. Silence reigned once more. Lofflin looked at the steaming pile of wrecked mechanica lying on the deck. This seemed a familiar sight.

"Oh no – you're not catching me like that again!" Lofflin growled angrily, still holding the alien weapon in his tense grip. He cautiously made his way around it, keeping a central control desk between them, sidestepping the mortally wounded machine. It remained motionless, and gave no sign of life at all.

'Fuck the self-destruct!' He thought as anger and relief and a wave of confusion flowed over him. He would get back to the Mordrake and torpedo the damn thing from there instead! In fact, he would take great pleasure in it. 'That'll fuck it!' But… it would be mo

adioactive dust, burnt, pure. Other than the astors, not a single solid object larger than a few centimeters appeared within scanning range. It was a fitting funeral pyre for the old crew, he felt – and for those of his crew who'd died there. It was an old style warrior's funeral – fit for the task, and a fitting end to the obscenity known as the Akx. Rest was well deserved. He couldn't help feeling that an old, old debt had been paid.

"Ow!" He moaned as the good doctor resumed treating his wounds.

"Let's see now – a nasty gash under the chin, cut inside your top lip, several possible sprains…" The surgeon listed in his usual businesslike manner. "A few more assorted cuts, bruises, a few minor burns – oh yes, and noticeably elevated blood pressure… Not to mention the fact that you're lucky to be alive at all!"

"Yeah, Harry, " Said Lofflin lightheartedly, tugging at a few tears and rips in the fabric of his uniform. "Worst part is I'll need a new uniform too – this one's had it."

"So, Captain sir." Harry continued in his taunt, ignoring the jibe. "What are you going to do for your next trick?"

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