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   Chapter 49 No.49

Demonspawn By Christina Engela Characters: 5104

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The thing saw Kaine, and instantly swiped at him with its blades which passed clean through his form, but did no harm. This seemed to confuse it, as though the Akx wasn't sure which of its sensors to believe. Kaine placed himself so that he was standing firm between it and the shock-stung Lofflin. The ghostly form turned its head to look back at Lofflin, winked, and grinned at him in an all too Human fashion, nodded at him, and then turned to face his eternal foe again. The specter shouted something long and complex that sounded like both a taunt and an insult in his long-dead tongue – ending in an echo just as he defiantly directed an obscene sign at it that was as universally recognizable in his own time and culture as it was to Lofflin.

Angry and bewildered, the thing slashed at Kaine again and again, a whirl of smooth motion with all four arms, doing no harm at all. The swishing and whirling of blades all in vain. A piece of a nearby control desk, struck by the whirling blades, separated and fell noisily to the deck grid. Above the wailing noises and the wind came a ghostly echoing whisper that penetrated his state and brought him back – time was short. It was in Terran, loud and clear. Or perhaps, he thought, he merely heard it in Terran.

"Noble warrior... Use the sweeplaser..."

"W-what?" He stammered.

"Use the sweeplaser..." The first voice said.

"Be the instrument of our vengeance!" Said a second, angry voice.

"Give us peace!" Cried a third.

"Peace for us all!" Another urged. "F

missed the hole!

Kaine had vanished, and the outraged demon, staring intently, blade-fingers twitching, tilted what passed for a head his way and began to move towards him. It seemed all up to him again. Instrument of vengeance and justice and peace, all in one – and all he wanted was some of the same – and then to go home… Back to Mordrake and little Bennett…. Even to Kinsley, and Billingham – the sweet murdering bastard. To peace and quiet too, if it wasn't too much to ask for.

The wind had only been momentarily broken by the energy burst, it was still there – and so were the faint wails and screams, which seemed to be fading into it, charging it with momentum, spinning the maelstrom around them faster and faster. Lofflin was at the center of a cauldron of intense… awe – and the power of vengeance and justice and righteous anger, traversing the ages! It was a harmony of discord, an alliance between worlds and cultures and between this life and the next. Time seemed to freeze as he fired again.

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