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   Chapter 48 No.48

Demonspawn By Christina Engela Characters: 5679

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Lofflin looked back at the doorway, puzzled, noticing the sudden absence of the door that he had just stepped through! He patted the bulkhead, wondering if he'd gone completely insane... It felt like solid bulkhead under his trembling hands. There was no way back. He'd stepped through it, he repeated mentally. Solid matter… Or not so solid? Interesting. Was it some kind of secret entrance perhaps?

Whatever, he thought, exhausted. He thought about his next move… Reaching the extraction point was his next goal… but since he was here… What about the ship's destruct sequence Jessica Kinsley had mentioned? He wondered about the practical implications of activating it. Could he possibly locate the control for that using the entech terminal? There probably wasn't enough time, he realized the Akx knew the ship better than he did – hell, it probably knew where he was already! He looked round, searching for a comlink, anything else the entechs might've forgotten or abandoned…

Then, in trying to reach the entech control console, which still seemed to be patched into the derelict computer, he stumbled and caught a tarp on the deck with his foot, dragging it off the body underneath. It wasn't a pretty sight, under any lighting conditions! What was his name? Lt. Kinsley had mentioned it in her report – Kaine? His body was as before, frozen in death – the same death that was now coming to kill him! Lofflin thought grimly.

A sudden grating sound came from the doorway! He whirled round to see eye to eye with Death himself! He could see it clearer now, in the dim lighting. It looked far more frightening than before – ominous, looming, it seemed powerful as it flexed and moved to get t

e monster – a machine – was distracted by what he perceived to be happening, then what was happening must be real!

Lofflin shivered in the cold. This spooky stuff was all fine and well – but the Akx wouldn't remain distracted forever, and eventually, what had been fated to happen, would happen once it was over! Suddenly, he noticed an inner warmth, not his own, growing inside him… and his racing pulse calmed and slowed. He felt tired, so – tired! His breathing stopped coming in short gasps and became almost normal again, he began to recover, his mind regaining its alertness.

With absurd suddenness, the near-transparent form of a man in armor arose from the corpse of the slain alien commander not a meter away from Lofflin! He recognized the luminous form by the tunic it wore, decorated with gold braiding – it was the captain of the deceased crew, Kaine… Only, like he was long ago, young and alive. Much better looking than his poor grinning corpse. With slow deliberate steps, Kaine moved toward the other side of the darkened command center, a firm expression playing on his face as he approached the metal demon.

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