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   Chapter 47 No.47

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Lofflin inched slowly forward through the inky blackness. In his mind he knew his foe was a machine, probably equipped with all sorts of sophisticated sensors, thermal imaging, sound and motion detection, it must know where he was! The inability to see around him or where he was going, was frustrating! Not knowing where it was too, was downright terrifying! As he felt his way along the wall of the corridor, Lofflin consoled himself with the knowledge that he'd done his job – the parts they needed so badly to survive were now safely on Mordrake. His crew would live! They wouldn't die gasping for air, or from the cold… He had already won, he realized! Theoretically. That didn't mean that he wasn't going to die, probably screaming, and covered in his own blood and entrails – but that aside, all he had to do now was to get near the extraction point so he could live to celebrate with them. He hoped if he didn't make it, Murphy or somebody would have the good sense to do him the small courtesy of blowing the crap out of this damn floating mausoleum with a couple of torpedoes!

The soft soles of his boots made very little sound as he inched slowly forward in the absolute blackness, setting his shaking feet down on the gritty debris littered deck. Little things crunched under them, and he cringed with each tiny sound. Presently the only sound he could hear above that was his own breathing, and above that, his pounding aching heart. He felt his way along an ancient bulkhead, using it as a guide. All he had to do was keep moving till he found the stairwell. Then all he had to do was to climb few stairs and he'd be back on track. Not far now, he thought trying to encourage himself.

Finally his reaching, probing fingers found an edg

a brief second – how a little light in a lot of darkness can give so much hope! There were exits – doorways on the way up the stairs, it seemed – but they were locked, and he couldn't find how to open them. Pushing against them desperately in all directions and grunting seemed to yield no results – except frustration, and he'd had enough of that, thank you very much!

So Lofflin climbed on…upwards. How was he to tell where deck three was like this? It should be right at the top – and if he made it to deck one, he would have to find his way back down two levels again from there… He sighed. If he could make it that far!

Then, before he expected it, he reached the end of the line – a doorway loomed at the landing at the top of the stairs… This one was open, and there was a dim light shining through from beyond. He inched forward… and peeped carefully around the corner. It was the bridge! But how? An entech control terminal was still wired into one of the opened alien command consoles, its screen cast a faint blue light over the ancient surfaces of the bridge. He couldn't see any sign of the beast, so he carefully stepped through the open doorway.

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