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   Chapter 46 No.46

Demonspawn By Christina Engela Characters: 5635

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

After long seconds it stirred, tottered on its four-legged undercarriage while it fought for balance – swinging its four arms wildly, looking almost like a bizarre cartoon character as it tried to keep its balance. The place where the shell had hit was dented slightly; the metal was blasted clean of paint and grime and shone brightly with reflected light. The four spot lights on its shoulders changed from bright white to a deep red and stayed on him. Lofflin worked the pump slide and loaded the second grenade. The fear had stopped abruptly, as if the machine now had other problems to worry about… It moved forward slowly, menacingly. Lofflin coolly brought the weapon to his shoulder and aimed for the same spot he'd hit previously – the thing's upper left shoulder, which had been weakened…at least, he hoped had been weakened! It sure was dented though, which was a good sign!

Lofflin squeezed the trigger a second time. Another loud, turbulent, hot explosion followed as the shell struck home! The hammer-blow spun the metal monster around, this time smashing it over onto its back. Flames blazed briefly from the strike. Lofflin felt the heat from the blast through his clothes and on his face – it had singed his eyebrows.

"Mother fucker!" He growled angrily at his fallen foe as the flames died down. He dropped the now useless and expendable weapon angrily, whipping out his sidearm. "Lucky for you I'm out of grenades! I could keep this up all damn day!"

Lofflin set the blaster to maximum... fully intent on finding a hole to stick the muzzle into and squeezing the trigger. He approached the small motionless mountain that lay in smoldering silence and stood looki

nd! Tired and panting, his heart missed a couple of beats as he desperately strained his hearing, trying to make out anything… anything at all. Suddenly all fell silent behind, and he could see no lights there. All was silent, a heavy silken nothingness, just like the impenetrable cloak of darkness beyond the little circle of light he was on the fringes of. Which way had he been running? This way? That way?

He was in the grip of a cold fear, but forced himself to think. Think! Think – gods damn you! He was on deck fifteen… deck fifteen! He had to get back to the stairs – all the way up to deck three! The decks were circular, he remembered – all he had to do was walk in the same direction and he'd end up back where he started! This way! He thought, forcing his legs to move. They felt wobbly and unreliable as he ventured cautiously through the circle of light, and to the edge, and slowly he moved forward into the nothingness beyond it. All was silent. Where was the monster? 'How could it lose him?' He thought. How indeed... It couldn't. 'It's playing with me!' he realized. 'I'm a pawn in its filthy game!'

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