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   Chapter 45 No.45

Demonspawn By Christina Engela Characters: 5393

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Lofflin employed an old trick he'd learned from experience – he thought about Blaine, the incident that got them here, the Corsairs – anything that would make him angry, pumping adrenalin into his bloodstream, steeling his nerves. The feeling of fear diminished slightly. He armed the grenade launcher, using the pump- action slide.

He spotted the two crates near where Pollard had been killed. They stood beside the shell of the generator that had been stripped, and he went over to them carefully. The lids weren't on but all the components were inside. He picked up and examined an object lying on the deck by the first crate. It was a comlink... It had been crushed! Bits of the casing dropped off and the thing came apart in his hands!

'Now how in Betelgeuse did that happen?' He thought.

Lofflin looked around continuously, keeping the weapon ready. Was it somewhere nearby? Perhaps watching from the shadows on the far side of the room? He turned the comlinks transponders on and quietly laid them into the crates. Seconds later, the crates began to shimmer, half-faded, solidified and then faded away. Relief flooded over him! Mordrake had received the parts they needed. If he died now, at least his crew would survive!

Slowly though, the elation he felt faded away just as he'd watched the crates fade away moments before – as the realization of what still lay ahead of him! Now all he had to do was get to the extraction point, hopefully without dying along the way. Easy-peasy.

The fear increased was threatening to overpower him at any moment, and he had to think of all the rotten things t

passed for its hands slowly unsheathed with an icy whisper! Each hand had five blades – all but one, which only had four. One blade appeared to be missing, sheared clean off at the knuckle… The mystery explained itself as he recalled the body they'd found pinned to the bulkhead on their first trip to this ship! As the thing the old crew had called 'the Akx' drew closer to him, he saw the red lights in the skull-like head grow brighter where the optics were. Now or never. He jumped to his feet and faced the Reaper.

"Die, fucker!" Lofflin swore angrily, as he aimed and squeezed the trigger at close range. He felt a kick in his shoulder, and a bright blast of flame and a deafening explosion blasted the metal demon. In such close quarters, Lofflin was lucky he wasn't blown backwards or lit on fire! Metallic squeals and a sound like a hammer blow followed as the explosion slew the thing round, staggering backwards! It smashed into the bulkhead, and stood there as the smoke slowly cleared, stunned, leaning into the dent it had made into the side of the corridor!

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